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The Ericsson Research Foundation

The Ericsson Research Foundation hereby opens up for the application of grants for year 2019.

The foundation was created May 5, 1946, to honor Ericsson's founder Lars Magnus Ericsson, on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Its purpose is to promote scientific research by giving grants to scientists and MSc students at Swedish universities and institutes, who wants to do research in Electrical Engineering, in a wide sense that is of interest to Ericsson. "Research" is normally defined as "MSc thesis and above". Grants are sometimes given to students at Swedish Universities who want to do their MSc thesis abroad, very seldom for studies or other activities before that level. Most grants go to PhD students and doctors.

The amount of the grants varies between SEK 15 000 and SEK 50 000. The total dividend amount is in the range of a half to one million SEK per year. The grants have usually been intended as partial financing of a research visit to a foreign university or for participation in a conference, to make a presentation of an accepted paper.

The application should consist of a half page summary and a description of what the grant is going to be used for, including a short budget. Please also include your curriculum vitae and other relevant information such as recommendation letters, invitation from the host research
environment etc.

Your application should be sent to the foundation no later than February 22, 2019. Decisions will be announced on May 5, 2019.

Applications are sent by mail to or in written letter to:

LM Ericssons stiftelse för främjande av elektroteknisk forskning

Katalin Wrange

Sölvegatan 53

22 362 Lund