Finance Committee

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Important tasks of the Finance Committee include handling matters related to aquisitions and divestments, financing and monotoring the Group's financial risk exposure.

The Finance Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Handling matters related to acquisitions, investments and divestments
  • Handling capital contributions to Group and affiliated companies
  • Raising loans, issuing guarantees and similar undertakings, and approving financial support to customers and suppliers
  • Continuously monitoring the Group's financial risk exposure

The Finance Committee is authorized to determine matters such as:

  • Direct or indirect financing
  • Provision of credits
  • Granting of guarantees and similar undertakings
  • Certain investments, divestments and financial commitments

Members of the Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of four Board members appointed by the Board.

The current members of the Finance Committee are:

Ronnie Leten (Chairman of the Committee)
Helena Stjernholm
Jacob Wallenberg
Roger Svensson