Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson’s Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, April 9, 2013, at 3 p.m. at Kistamässan, Arne Beurlings Torg 5, Kista/Stockholm, Sweden.

Read the press releases from the Annual General Meeting:

Ericsson's Annual General Meeting 2013
Focus on profitable growth and sustainability at Ericsson's shareholders' meeting

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting 

Minutes English | Swedish

Exhibit 1 (not public)

Exhibit 2 English | Swedish

Exhibit 3 English | Swedish

Exhibit 4.1 English | Swedish

Exhibit 4.2 English | Swedish

Exhibit 5 English | Swedish

Exhibit 6 English | Swedish

Exhibit 7 English | Swedish

Notice to the Annual General Meeting 

Notice: English | Swedish

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Board of Directors Proposals 

The complete proposals are included in the Notice to the AGM, English | Swedish

LTV 2013 in brief English | Swedish

The auditor's statement regarding compliance with the guidelines for remuneration to the Executive Leadership Team is available here. English | Swedish

Nomination Committee Proposals 

The Nomination Committee’s Proposal English | Swedish

Exhibit 1 to the Nomination Committee’s Proposal English | Swedish

Exhibit 2 to the Nomination Committee’s Proposal English | Swedish

Shareholder Proposals 

Proposals from shareholders under items 13-15 are available in the original language (Swedish).

Förslag från aktieägare under punkl 13

Förslag från aktieägare under punkt 14

Förslag från aktieägare under punkt 15