How business is conducted at the AGM

Discussion and questions

Shareholders will have the opportunity to ask general questions during the Annual General Meeting on Ericsson's operations and performance. Generally the Q&A session at the Annual General Meeting takes place after the President’s speech. Other questions may also be asked when each proposal is presented for resolution. Please keep your questions short and relevant.

To facilitate the answering of questions at the Annual General Meeting, shareholders are welcome to e-mail questions in advance to the Company at the following address:

Majority requirements and voting

Majority requirements

Most resolutions at General Meetings of shareholders are passed by a simple majority, i.e. more than half of the votes cast at the General Meeting. However, the Swedish Companies Act requires qualified majorities in certain cases. For example, resolutions on transfer of treasury stock to employees participating in long-term variable compensation programs must be approved by 90 percent of the votes cast and by 90 percent of the shares represented at the Meeting, and a resolution to amend the Articles of Association must be approved by a two thirds majority.


Most resolutions are, by tradition, concluded by acclamation. However, voting units will be used to make voting easier under certain resolutions.

When registering at the Meeting the voting units will be programmed with the information of your holdings of shares and number of votes. This information will be included on your admission ticket. The individually programmed voting units voters are provided at the Meeting and should be returned when you leave the premises.