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External Resource Management (XRM)

External Resource Management (XRM) is an initiative designed to deliver process efficiencies by automating the acquisition of contract labor and services.


Benefits of the SAP Fieldglass tool

Using SAP Fieldglass, we (Ericsson and Supplier) will have a more effective management for sourcing and administrating contract labors.

Using the tool provides the following benefits to suppliers:

  • Policy administration and efficiency
  • Streamlining the process to source and contract qualified external staff
  • Standard format for receiving requests and entering responses
  • Various search and sort functions
  • Improve cycle time from request generation to PO processing
  • SAP Fieldglass itself is not providing any actual invoicing capabilities which means that the actual invoicing process will be following the already existing Ericsson invoicing process explained in Supplier Handbook, Guidelines for Invoicing Ericsson and How to use Purchase Order when Invoicing
  • Browse Reference library in SAP Fieldglass for further instructions

Login to Ericsson XRM solution

You can log in to SAP Fieldglass with your Username and Password here. 
Note: Only onboarded suppliers will have access.

Click to login

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