Automated network operations

Network automation in a 5G/IoT age

Network automation

Network automation is increasingly critical to service provider operations, but what is it? Put simply, network automation allows software to automatically configure, provision, manage and test network devices.  Its value lies in its ability to improve efficiency, cut operating expenses and reduce human error.

The benefits of network automation

The benefits that network automation can deliver are embedded in nearly every aspect of operations.  Need to enhance network intelligence to gain cost efficiencies? Looking to reduce customer service time? Want to use data analytics to craft the services that customers imagine in a 5G/IoT world?  Then you need network automation.

Ericsson is helping service providers worldwide automate their networks, so they can turn legacy networks into elastic infrastructures that are lightweight, programmable and endlessly adaptable.  The goal?  Help service providers gain the ability in each of their unique environments to govern, manage and orchestrate hybrid networks holistically and in real time.

The outcome? With greater automation, service providers can slash operations costs and introduce services more quickly, fully prepared to manage complexity and exceed customer expectations.

Solutions to get you started

Ericsson solutions for network automation are in use by service providers around the world, led by Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration, which helps operators simplify operations and cut costs via automated provisioning and insight-driven service assurance. 

Dynamic Orchestration

Automate service launches now and be ready for the 5G/IoT era with Dynamic Orchestration. 

Service Automation

Expert Analytics

Unlock the value of telco data analytics with this multi-vendor, cross-domain big data analytics solution designed for telecom.

Telco data analytics

Network Manager

Gain a unified network management capability across your networks so you can perform efficient network operations.

Network Manager

New Report: Ericsson SD-WAN

This Appledore Research report discusses Ericsson as a supplier of management systems that support SD-WAN.

Download your copy here

Hear from customers and experts

Ericsson customers know that network automation doesn’t have to be disruptive or complicated.  It can be implemented in a step-by-step approach with benefits added at each step.  Below are insights from both customers and experts that focus on various aspects of the service provider journey towards closed-loop, zero-touch operations.

Download report: Enterprise service orchestration

Read about the obstacles to orchestrating enterprise services, where CSPs are making progress, and why SD-WAN is an orchestration game.


Download report: The path to 5G - The case for automation

Read what service providers are saying in this MIT Insights report about the automation journey towards 5G.

Video: Inventory management automation

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory delivers new network efficiencies, helping service providers make the best use of resources and capital.

Case study: T-Mobile improves quality for VoLTE mobile broadband

T-Mobile US partnered with Ericsson to improve quality for voice over LTE (VoLTE). mobile broadband and other advanced services.

Blogpost: SD-WAN and orchestration - The Ericsson advantage

Get to know Ericsson's view of SD-WAN orchestration and learn the key benefits of the Ericsson dynamic orchestration solution.

Achieving a true zero-touch network vision

Omdia discusses automating the total service and network management life cycle.

Digital Transformation Tracker Asia

Find out about the state of digital transformation in Asia. Read a detailed analysis of 12 of the leading CSPs in the region.

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