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Digital Experience Platform


Ericsson Digital Experience Platform provides consistent, secure and personalized access to information and applications across many digital touchpoints allowing customers to have a smooth, contextualized and intelligent interaction with the service provider across all channels.


Technologies are evolving faster than ever before so everything that can benefit from a connection will be connected – thereby empowering people, business and society. People will have access to a plethora of digital services anywhere and at any time and increasingly those services will focus on the consumer context to add value to the consumer experience. Operators need to offer their customers a consistent and personalized user experience in all their channels to capture the value of customer interaction and drive revenue up.

Ericsson Digital Experience Platform is an omni-channel digital platform which provides advanced customer management and product configuration to a service provider and the customer . It improves efficiency by simplifying frequently executed business processes visible to the customer. It facilitates customer requirements such as payments, promotions, product information, and customer interaction history through a re-designed digitized interface. The Digital Experience Platform runs on a cloud-based microservices architecture leveraging the benefits of a cloud infrastructure with less implementation and integration efforts.


Key features of Ericsson Digital Experience Platform include:

  • Out-of-box, full digital context aware customer journeys covering recharge, voucher top-up, balance adjustment, etc. to speed-up implementation.
  • Modern, extensible UI framework with responsive design that can be adapted to specific operator´s needs.
  • Enhanced CSR toolbox web portal to enhance customer digital experience for operators in different segments.
  • 360-degree customer view which the customer care team can use to better serve the subscribers.
  • Machine learning based customer segmentation and tagging.
  • Cloud-native microservices based architecture leveraging CI/CD tools and capabilities.
  • Implements TMForum Open APIs for simpler integrations.
  • Fully integrated with Ericsson Charging, Catalog Manager and Order Care.


Built on Ericsson´s award winning user centered UX design, the Digital Experience Platform provides increased user adoption and productivity on top of a strong vision, investment and innovation that will keep this platform at the vanguard of the digital experience industry. Consider Ericsson Digital Experience Platform to:

  • Transform customer interaction to fit the new economy and customer demands.
  • Reduce TCO based on the cloud-native and microservices architecture, intuitive design that lowers training efforts and lower IT complexity.
  • Leverage pre-integration with Digital BSS stack to reduce integration gaps and implement new use cases and customer journeys faster.
  • Introduce artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into the customer interaction process.
  • Simplify your platform operation with the one-track software approach, where a single software path is available to all customers. New versions are always backwards compatible, and upgrades are made easier and less risky to make the full feature set of latest release readily available to all.