Ericsson announces availability of high performance EDGE mobile platform

Press release
apr 13, 2007 07:30 (GMT +00:00)
Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) has started volume shipment of the E310 platform. Among the smallest EDGE platforms on the market today, it allows device manufacturers greater freedom of industrial design and mechanical engineering, enabling stable and high quality volume production.
The E310 is a combination of a common software architecture platform and a state of the art EDGE chipset. Ericsson Mobile Platforms' software architecture enables OEMs and ODMs to leverage and scale their investments across their complete portfolios, from EDGE to HSPA, which is unique in the industry today. The E310 has undergone the Ericsson Mobile Platforms IOT program, the industry's most extensive interoperability testing process, guaranteeing full compliance with industry standards and securing an easy roll-out of products.

Robert Puskaric, head of Ericsson Mobile Platforms, says: "EDGE continues to play a very important role in the industry and by developing the size and performance optimized E310 platform, our customers are able to rapidly bring high quality EDGE phones to the market in high volumes."

The availability of the application suite A200, also developed by Ericsson Mobile Platforms, enables the E310 platform to be offered as a complete package, making it possible for device manufacturers to launch phones with very short time to market while lowering the development costs.

Already today the Sony Ericsson Z310i, which is based on E310, is available in stores.

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