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Start the core network transformation journey with Ericsson to be prepared for 5G by meeting diverse upcoming new services, business models, and use cases, including Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

5G Core 

Accelerate your move to 5G

  • Reach new levels of flexibility and optimization
  • Enjoy business innovation on an unprecedented scale
  • Create new revenue streams

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The case for change

Continuous software updates

Transition from software general availability to being live in an operator’s network has been reduced to as little as 2 days.

A slice of 5G serving global customers

Ericsson and SK Telecom demonstrates 5G Federated Network Slicing, securing network performance across borders.

Network slicing economic study with British Telecom

Unique insights on economic impact of network slicing, quantified as a smart investment, while enabling fast implementation and better utilization.

A core network ready for your 5G and IoT business

With network slicing, cloud native design principles, advanced automation and resource orchestration, your core network will be in good shape for 5G and IoT. Start to deploy already today.

Hot topics

5G for monetizing the industry digitalization

Operators can start addressing the interest from industries already now, testing new business models and create additional revenue streams. 5G Core technologies network slicing and distributed cloud enable IoT use cases already in existing networks. By experimenting and rethinking what role to take, operators will be prepared to capture the full business potential of 5G. In our new report, we have turned our insights into a comprehensive guide for operators on how to start their 5G-IoT business.

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How to handle 5G migration successfully

There's no doubt the evolution of 5G is gaining momentum. But migrating to 5G is a multi-faceted process, with many aspects to consider along the way. In this blog post, Jesper Häglund shares his recommendations for operators who are looking to evolve from their current 4G Core network to 5G.

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How many network slices are needed?

Network slicing needs to add value, so it's important that the process lowers time to market, time to customer, and operational costs, as well as tailoring service characteristics such as delay or capacity, or meeting isolation requirements. Okay we all agree to that, but how is this done in practice and how many slices are needed? In this blog post, Maria Düsing takes a closer look at the number of variants of network slice types.

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Digital Meets 5G: Shaping the CxO Agenda

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