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Explore our 5G Core and automation solutions that enable top line growth with optimized total cost of ownership. Create a platform for business innovation that allows you to introduce new exposure, edge, slicing and automation capabilities.

Leading the journey

Do you need support with your network evolution to a fully cloud native 5G Core network? With a leading number of significant 5G Core contracts globally and being a frontrunner in 5G Core and cloud native technology with the world’s first deployments, Ericsson will help you succeed.

Technology that enables new use cases

With 5G comes the promise of new use cases not previously possible with 3G and 4G networks. This includes industrial automation, mission critical IoT, and advanced consumer services like virtual reality, augmented reality and gaming with outstanding user experience. These new use cases will unlock new end user experiences and create additional revenue streams for Communication Service Providers. However, these new 5G services require adjustments to the network and its operations. ​ 

The core network needs to evolve to a fully cloud native 5G Core network, based on the new Service-Based Architecture (SBA). This will allow new services to be created faster and in a more agile way. Built on micro services, enabling independent life-cycle management and fast service design , and ready to support network slicing, the 5G Core will cater to fast service delivery and end-to-end service level agreements (SLA) to consumers and business customers. Moreover, software service functions, like software probes, will be in built in the core nodes to facilitate faster, more secure and agile deployments options.   ​ 

The underlying cloud infrastructure need to evolve in multiple dimensions. First, it must support a cost efficient evolution from today’s virtual core networks to manage a fully cloud native and container based network. Secondly, it must support a wide range of deployment options. The historically more central deployment, but also edge and deep edge deployments required for low latency  and edge computing use cases. In addition, the underlying cloud infrastructure should be system verified with the network functions and the management and orchestrion layer to provide optimal TCO. ​ 

Lastly, the 5G in general and the core network in particular need be automated. The automation is required to handle the magnitude of tailor-made services and slices that will be introduced with 5G. To manually, or even semi-automated, adjust all parts of the network is not feasible if SLAs are to be sustained. The automation is also required from an internal operations perspective. To keep up with latest software releases, it is imperative to have a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) mindset. The faster the latest capabilities are introduced in the network, the faster new differentiating services can be introduced and monetized. 

Cases and stories

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Watch this video and see how continuous delivery and deployment of software is helping Swisscom turn on and get up to speed with 5G.

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We are evolving our Cloud Core portfolio with seven new products that deliver a dual-mode 5G Core solution...but what does dual-mode core means? And why do service providers need it for their networks?

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Total cost of ownership is always key, but during technology shifts and business transformations it becomes crucial. Ericsson dual-mode 5G Core enables  achieving challenging business and operational goals, while migrating to a 5G Core.

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Explore how user plane innovations enable profitable 5G service

With vast amounts of traffic from IoT devices and the exponential growth in connectivity that 5G will bring, we expect an increasing strain on the network. Support for higher data peaks with lower latencies will be needed.

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How to build a better 5G?

Your guide to builiding a cloud native 5G Core

Explore our useful guide series to help you work out the best way and understand all of the different domains that will be impacted throughout the transformation journey to a cloud native 5G Core.

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Webinar about 5G live networks

Join our webinar where we share experiences from 5G live networks in South Korea, the US and Europe as well as the latest trials of 5GC. ​

5G is being deployed in a drastically different way to previous mobile generations. Now operators have a faster way to deploy nationwide 5G coverage, increase bit rates, and evolve to 5G standalone, efficiently leveraging existing mobile infrastructure.

The new approach offers tremendous value for consumers and enterprises in terms of coverage, performance and low-latency use cases. ​

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5G deployment consideration

How can 5G be rolled out in the fastest, smoothest, and most efficient way possible, while meeting the key objectives of successful coexistence with 4G and continuous growth?

What's the best way to evolve from 4G to full 5G deployment through a step-wise implementation that balances investments, revenue streams and competitiveness while minimizing risk? 

How can you best support a gradual and flexible evolution to 5G Core? When and where do you use distributed or centralized deployment?

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The path to 5G: the case for automation

While automation is underway at many operators, its implementation has not always been smooth, and difficult lessons have been learned.

This report examines the status of network automation among operators, the objectives they are pursuing and the barriers they must overcome.

To produce this report, MIT Technology Review Insights conducted a series of interviews with senior technology executives at mobile network operators globally. It also performed extensive desk research and reviewed telecommunications operators' network modernization experiences and plans.

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Explore the components of our Core network and automation offerings

5G Core

Get to the core of 5G – a cloud native 5G Core with common operations and maintenance for EPC and 5GC.

Network Automation

Automate, manage, and orchestrate hybrid networks in real time. Evolve networks into lightweight, programmable and adaptable infrastructures.

Cloud Native

Cloud Native for telecom applications is happening now. In the next years, telecom applications will be cloud natively designed to increase efficiency and utilization of the cloud infrastructure.

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