Evolve your core network

- to a competitive advantage

Core network evolution made easy – with lowest TCO

Need to evolve your core network for 5G, while supporting current and new services with best in class TCO? Wondering how to introduce new exposure, edge, slicing and automation capabilities creating a platform for business innovation & growth?

What is core network?

Ericsson’s core network solutions bring new levels of performance, flexibility and optimization to your business. Prepare for meeting the diverse new services, business models and use cases that 5G, IoT and programmability will bring.

Benefits of core network

Mitigate your risks, plan for a smooth introduction of 5G Core and deploy leading network slicing and cloud native core network solutions - all of which are validated by leading operators worldwide. The time is now.

Prepare your core network for 5G

5G Core

Get to the core of 5G – a cloud native dual-mode 5G Core with common operations and maintenance for EPC and 5GC.

5G Core

Cloud Unified Data Management and Policy

Evolve your subscription data management, policy control and network exposure solutions, making them dynamically programmable.

Cloud UDM and Policy

Cloud Packet Core

Secure a smooth evolution from EPC to 5GC. Make the right choices and achieve faster time to market, higher performance and lower TCO.

Cloud Packet Core

software probes

Securing 5G experience with software probes

Get customer centric insights from the start, to accelerate the 5G introduction without losing the focus on customer experience. 

Software probes

A core network ready for your 5G and IoT business

Together with network slicing, cloud native design principles, advanced automation and resource orchestration, your core network will be in good shape for 5G and IoT. Start to deploy already today.

5G Deployment consideration webinars

We are powering almost two-thirds of all commercially launched 5G networks. And we learn and share insights every day! Don’t miss our 5G deployment considerations webinars!

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Cloud Native

Cloud Native for telecom applications is happening now. In the next years, telecom applications will be cloud natively designed to increase efficiency and utilization of the cloud infrastructure.

More on Cloud Native

Customer case: Swisscom

Watch this video and see how continuous delivery and deployment of software is helping Swisscom turn on and get up to speed with 5G.

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Transforming 4G into 5G: Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core

We are evolving our Cloud Core portfolio with seven new products that deliver a dual-mode 5G Core solution...but what does dual-mode core means? And why do service providers need it for their networks?

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TCO will be at the center of each journey to 5G Core

Total cost of ownership is always key, but during technology shifts and business transformations it becomes crucial. Ericsson dual-mode 5G Core enables  achieving challenging business and operational goals, while migrating to a 5G Core.

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User plane innovations enable profitable 5G service

With vast amounts of traffic from IoT devices and the exponential growth in connectivity that 5G will bring, we expect an increasing strain on the network. Support for higher data peaks with lower latencies will be needed.

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