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5G, IoT and cyber security

5G is enabling even more IoT use cases with vastly diverse requirements. Some 5G use cases support machine-to-machine communications with ultra-reliable connectivity. Other use cases are optimized to enable long battery life and very low cost. These requirements call for a new generation of services with a new set of cyber security challenges.

20 billion connected IoT devices by 2023
The Ericsson Mobility Report, Nov 2017, estimates that by 2023, over 30 billion connected devices are forecast, of which around 20 billion will be related to the IoT. Connected IoT devices include connected cars, machines, meters, sensors, point-of-sale terminals, consumer electronics and wearables

Securing 5G and the Internet of Things

5G security video

Ericsson and The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden are collaborating on how to proactively address 5G security and privacy issues. Watch the video and listen to Professor Elena Dubrova and her research.

5G security


5G systems are the next step in the evolution of mobile communication and this development creates new security scenarios and requires new security solutions. 5G security – scenarios and solutions. Read the white paper: 5G security – scenarios and solutions

White paper on Bootstrapping security

White paper: Bootstrapping security

End-to-end security management will be essential to ensuring security and privacy in the IoT, while simultaneously building strong identities and maintaining trust. Read the white paper on Bootstrapping security – the key to Internet of Things authentication and data integrity

Read the IoT security whitepaper

Whitepaper: IoT Security

With new IoT connected devices being deployed in new use cases, the potential for novel types of attacks must be addressed. Read the white paper about IoT security.

Protecting the ICT infrastructure is crucial

ICT infrastructure is becoming increasingly mission-critical for large industry as well as society. Such technology includes remote control and monitoring of industrial systems, self-driving vehicles and much more. The availability and functionality of these services depends on the underlying ICT infrastructure. Cyber-attacks with safety implications are unfortunately becoming a reality.

With more data residing in the cloud, traditional perimeter protection will no longer be enough. When data flows across organizational boundaries and nations, it must be protected at all stages; when it is generated, stored, transmitted and used. This must be done over both trusted and untrusted infrastructures.

Facing the cyber security challenges

Every new connected device represents an additional security risk, which requires holistic security thinking spanning new business models, technologies, standards and regulations. The traditional principles of risk and security management, such as check-box compliance and access control are being challenged. Security in the digital economy represents a balance between the risk of cyber threats and the resilience that citizens, business and society demand.

Today’s challenges are multifaceted; true cyber readiness comes from process, people and technology. It is important to have an agile and responsive process that is integrated into existing policies in organizations and authorities. Security responsibility cannot reside within the security department alone; it should be integrated across all organizations. The lack of security expertise and the risk of internal cyber threats create additional challenges for companies.

Existing security solutions are often cumbersome and complex, and legacy networks may have to adapt to new security demands. Stricter security regulations and global variances across regions will magnify operational complexity. In order to cope with these challenges, businesses and organizations should seek a security partner that is transparent, trusted and neutral.

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