Ericsson’s role in the TV Industry

    TV is no longer confined to the living room. It is available wherever there are connected devices. The TV industry is evolving; the potential is enormous and Ericsson is one of the important players. There is a lot of money at stake. The global TV market is estimated to be worth EUR 340 billion by 2012.

    Sitting in front of a TV is no longer the only way that consumers experience TV and video content. People want to see their favorite movie or clip not just at home, but also while they are commuting to work or meeting their friends. The industry in this area is changing into a rich experience of discovery, consumption and interaction – all deeply influenced by new devices, new services and better connectivity.

    The emergence of the Networked Society is one of the most important trends here. This is a world in which all devices that can be connected to each other will be, using the cloud to enable unprecedented levels of global communication.

    Few know that Ericsson has been in this area for several years. Ericsson has been a leader in advanced video compression technology solutions for 20 years. And today, Ericsson is the worldwide leader in the broadcast satellite, contribution and distribution markets. Our offering spans the media value chain of content acquisition, creation, management, exchange and delivery to consumers.

    Ericsson does this by combining an open-standards-based portfolio that spans the entire TV value chain, world-leading systems integration and managed services with extensive consumer insight and an award-winning mindset that unites the worlds of video and IP.

    How is the industry changing?

    One of the most important trends facing our planet is the emergence of the Networked Society. This means that consumers’ increased demands for multimedia anytime, anywhere and on any device is contributing to the vision and creating new opportunities for the television industry as a whole. It will transform consumers’ expectations that having ownership and storage of assets is critical. They will expect, and become reliant on, their devices being always connected to high-speed and universal broadband access to what interests them and they can now easily share.

    What exactly does Ericsson deliver?

    Ericsson is part of this change in a number of ways. Ericsson is combining an open-standards-based portfolio that spans the entire TV value chain, systems integration and managed services with extensive consumer insight and an award-winning mindset that unites the worlds of video and IP. We currently have more than 2,000 broadcast and TV service provider customers in more than 100 countries using our compression solutions.

    • 60 percent of the top 20 TV service providers and content owners are using our content management systems.
    • With our record-breaking deal with Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, we will reach 5 million subscribers with our multiscreen TV solutions.
    • Ericsson satellite direct-to-home platforms deliver content to nearly 90 million TV households around the world.
    • We have more than 75 awards for our TV technology, including three Technical Emmy Awards.
    • Ericsson Broadcast Services is strong in Europe, where we manage more than 1.5 million hours of broadcast TV every year to world-class standards, for more than 200 channels.

    Ericsson’s solutions in short

    Broadcast Services – A partnership between Ericsson and a broadcaster in which Ericsson assumes responsibility for technical platforms and operational services related to content management, playout and service provisioning of a broadcaster’s business. Examples include content logistics, library management, quality control, playout services, web TV and mobile services.

    Broadcast video over LTE networks – Media services over LTE with Ericsson’s combination of three new standards: eMBMS (evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service), HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) and MPEG DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP).

    Video Contribution and Distribution – Used by major broadcasters and service providers and includes 4:2:2 compression solutions, an IP contribution system and an MPEG-2 DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering) solution.

    TV Delivery Infrastructure – Ericsson’s TV Delivery Infrastructure solutions are used by major broadcasters and service providers throughout the world. Our expertise in the market has enabled us to help many of our customers as they have transitioned from analog to digital technology.

    Multiscreen TV – A portfolio of open, flexible, and pre-integrated products, enabling service providers and content owners to harness greater efficiencies, launch new, differentiating services and grow revenues.

    Media Delivery Network – Delivers managed and unmanaged content over fixed and mobile networks.

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    Ericsson supports Terra for 3D and HD delivery of Olympic Games in Latin America

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    Ericsson to provide Video contribution and distribution systems for NBC Olympics' production of the London Games

    (April 12, 2012)

    Broadcast Services milestones / press release highlights

    World's first complete solution for broadcast video over LTE networks

    (February 25, 2013)

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    TV5MONDE renews and expands managed services contract with Ericsson

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    Ericsson closes acquisition of Technicolor’s broadcast services division

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    Ericsson to acquire Technicolor’s broadcast services division

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    Ericsson to operate TV4 Group’s playout services

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    Ericsson acquires HyC Group: Spanish IPTV consultancy and systems integration company

    (December 20, 2007)