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Ericsson at MWC19— the innovation continues!

Day two of MWC Barcelona always has a special magic about it—the excitement of being here has settled, and the curiosity about new technologies has taken over.

Climate Action Campaign Director

Strategic editor, Strategy and Business Performance team

Ericsson MWC 2019 IoT carousel demo

Climate Action Campaign Director

Strategic editor, Strategy and Business Performance team

Climate Action Campaign Director

Contributor (+1)

Strategic editor, Strategy and Business Performance team


We wanted to be sure to show the things that people are the most curious about—and what better way to do that than a Twitter poll.

We asked on Twitter what people wanted to see more of—and our demonstration with Einride came out ahead!

At MWC19, we have a newly developed teleoperation system, where visitors can sit down in the driver’s seat and remotly control a T-pod– Einride’s autonomous, all-electric truck – located at AstaZero, a test site outside Gothenburg, Sweden.

Einride is a special project as it's on the cutting edge of two areas.  Ericsson President and CEO Börje Ekholm talked about it in his speech here on Monday as a transformative transportation solution.  But he also used Einride as an example of a potential exponential climate solution in a post for the World Economic Forum, writing:

Einride estimates the CO2 reduction potential per pallet of freight when transitioning from diesel to electricity to be 90% for countries with a low-carbon electricity mix, like Sweden. It will also reduce emissions of harmful NOx and ultrafine soot particles.

Here's a video:


So how do you make money on 5G and IoT?

This is the million dollar question in telecom now, right?  we got pointed in two general directions at the booth today.  One was the consumer opportunity, which we’ll get into in depth in a post later in the week.  The second is industry. 

And that leads directly to the Carousel of IoT.  This is the conversation starter for the whole IoT area.  It’s a rotating carousel of features a series of plain objects, from handbags to drones to shoes.  You pick up a tablet and aim at them, and the magic happens.  The status objects come to life with all kinds of diagnostic information or shopping-related information or graphics.

It’s like Pokemon hunting on Pokemon Go, a point that many have made, says Lisa Elenius Taylor, Head of IoT Marketing, who wrote a post earlier this week: Walking the Talk: Demonstrating 5G and IoT at MWC19.

“They just want to see the next one and the next one,” she says of the rotating circle of objects.

The demo is so engaging that customers end up exploring it by themselves. Talk about making the possibilities of AR and IoT real! 


Check out our award winning unmanned river vessel

Another remote driving experience was our award-winning Broadband IoT Smart Vessel with China Mobile and OceanAlpha.

What award did it win? Oh,  at the United Nation’s "World Geospatial Information Congress (UNWGIS)" in China, we won with China Mobile the award for Most Popular 5G application for its demo: 5G unmanned river cleaning vessel.

In the demo on the MWC19, visitors control an unmanned vessel operating remotely in Barcelona harbor over a 4G network. Following pre-defined GPS routers, the vessel operates autonomously – collecting water quality monitoring data, identifying the cause of the pollutant with HD cameras and taking necessary measures to address these pollutants. The smart vessel can be remotely steered to the desired location in a pollution or accident area for close monitoring and takes necessary actions to overcome pollutants.

This is a great example of how increased connectivity and IoT can help improve our world.

Learn about our latest innovations

If you want to hear more about we’re pushing technology to the limit, you can check out all our sessions from MWC Barcelona on demand.  They include, among others:

  • Shaping the future with technology and business innovation
  • Where is the edge and why do we need it?
  • Trustworthiness of telecom networks
  • Efficient operations with automation and AI


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