A pressing need for multi mediation

A Pakistani mobile operator is more agile through improved data mediation enabled by Ericsson Multi Mediation.

Warid Telecom in Pakistan is one of the first few network operators in the world leap-frogging directly from 2G to 4G LTE technology, opening new partnering opportunities with third party providers to offer customers enhanced data-based content over their mobile devices. But the company realized that their existing legacy systems were not helping them achieve the agility they needed.

This was decidedly true of their existing mediation system. It was highly customized, with little flexibility, and made every service launch cumbersome, time consuming and expensive. Reporting was delayed, inconsistent and inaccurate, causing problems throughout the organization. Marketing could not realistically evaluate the profitability and success of new campaigns. Finance risked revenue losses due to inaccurate data reconciliation regarding third party content providers. C-level executives did not like making decisions based on late, inaccurate business reports. Plus, with today’s increasing rate of change, the situation was escalating.


Better, faster information

Warid decided to implement Ericsson Multi Mediation. The time from contract to live deployment was only three months. The fully convergent solution was planned and jointly designed by Warid IT and Ericsson Global Services to provide the following benefits:

  • Accurate information to systems, people and processes
  • Faster time to market
  • Improved revenue assurance
  • Greater business flexibility

The design team took an interesting approach that allows Ericsson Multi Mediation to mediate all Ericsson Charging System data records (DRs) in near real-time using innovative “parent-child” relationships. While a mediation system traditionally just “translates” DRs, with one output DR for every input DR, with Ericsson Multi Mediation, there are many output DR types that are stored in Warid’s big data distributed database. The solution makes the information available in near-real time to systems such as customer care, marketing, revenue assurance, fraud and others.


Agility accomplished

Both the quality and quantity of information has drastically improved, with a number of related benefits. Business Intelligence reports that took two days are now generated within four hours. Customer Care uses the data to verify customer usage of prepaid services. All revenue generated is properly accounted for, giving the company complete visibility into any rating, charging or reconciliation inconsistencies. Marketing can assess the profitability of an offer and finance can reduce the risk of overpayment to third party content providers.

The solution has also proved to be highly flexible and scalable. Its business logic layer easily handles the complexity of charging system DRs, and can process Warid’s large traffic volume, which can generate up to 150 million DRs every day. The smaller hardware footprint has helped lower capital requirements (capex) and simplified operation and maintenance has reduced ongoing operational costs (opex).

To date, every technical and business goal has been met. Moving forward, Ericsson Multi Mediation will be used to obtain information about customer behavior, such as which data services are used and when, which will improve customer care, reporting and reconciliation.


One mediation platform for all needs

New technologies, new formats, new protocols and new, fast-changing business models require a fully convergent mediation platform that can bridge all network elements with OSS/BSS. Ericsson Multi Mediation covers all telecom and IT mediation requirements, going far beyond traditional call detail records (CDR). It’s helping Warid be the agile operator they know they have to be in today’s marketplace, able to adjust to ever-changing demands and business models, handle increasing traffic volumes and manage big data.

What is your company doing on the mediation front? Are you seeing similar results? Having any particular problems? Leave a comment and let us know.

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