Digital transformation in the telecom industry

Thanks to digital transformation, networks are becoming increasingly complex, as are the services delivered by them. Subscribers expect a network that scales to their needs, offers innovative digital services and is highly engaging. To meet this challenge, operators must embark on the journey to be a fully digital telco.

Head of XaaS Portfolio at Ericsson

Head of XaaS Portfolio at Ericsson

An alternative path with as-a-Service (aaS)

The current mainstream path for operators on this journey involves investing in rapidly changing technologies, and building digital competence in-house to meet the demand. Ericsson is actively investing in technologies, developing products and participating in open source forums to help many of customers who are on this path.

While it is a fully viable path, for operators that are looking to leapfrog the transformation, there is an alternative path emerging: As-a-Service (aaS).


With aaS, operators can consume the necessary network capabilities on demand to deliver services their subscribers need. Ericsson is an established leader in the telco aaS with offerings such as IOT Accelerator, Adaptive Inventory aaS and Network Management aaS. Our aaS platform is powering core networks for 25 operators, 3000 enterprises, and 12 million connected devices.


The greatest software release on a secure and resilient infrastructure

With Ericsson’s aaS platform, operators are always on the greatest software release. Given Ericsson’s technology leadership and participation in various open source forums, our aaS platform bring the best of breed technologies on a secure and resilient infrastructure that is compliant with global regulations. Additionally, the services are continuously improved with platform analytics.

In 2018, Ericsson will accelerate the as-a-Service journey to help you evolve to a true digital operator through four pillars:

First, automate your operations.

  • Simplify the way your networks are run.
  • Leverage untapped data into actionable insights and real-time decisions.

Second, upgrade your core network to an elastic, scalable network.

  • Launch industry specific networks.
  • Be on the path to 5G.

Third, fully digitalize your customer engagements.

  • Nurture the customer journey across all touch points.
  • Extend the front-end optimization to include all potential customer interactions and engagement.

Finally, launch new digital services and build ecosystems together with other industry leaders.

  • Launch a new IoT connectivity service.
  • Build a smart city ecosystem.

Ericsson’s aaS platform delivers on all four pillars with flexible capacity, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), predictable OPEX, minimal risk and faster time to market.

Start your as-a-Service journey with Ericsson. Your shortcut to the Digital Telco!

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