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Service providers in the ICT industry will play a crucial role in the digital transformation of enterprises. Automated networks will have a huge impact on the enterprise arena, and it’s time for operators and vendors to be more visible in the enterprise space. A great place to start is one of the biggest enterprise events of the year: the 2019 MEF event.

MEF Los Angeles

Service providers will be key players in the digitalization of enterprise, particularly when it comes to automated networks – which should be embraced by both IT and traditional ICT industry vendors. The capabilities of automated networks, whether they’re used for processes like service creation, orchestration or service assurance, will have a big impact on the enterprise arena. 

For example, we know that new application requirements will grow as enterprise applications migrate to virtual private cloud or public cloud. This means technologies such as SD-WAN will subsequently play an important role, as they interconnect the services and sites that these workloads are running on.

Enterprise workloads are running both public and private clouds, and they are distributed across multiple providers. To support this, enterprises also need multidomain orchestration that optimizes the available resources; which will be possible by incorporating an orchestration layer that works in a mixed cloud environment.

As 5G rolls out we also know that the B2B addressable market of service for enterprise presents a significant opportunity, the extent of which is detailed in our 5G for Business: a 2030 market compass  report

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Knowing this, engaging in the enterprise space should be a critical priority for both telecoms operators and vendors. So how do you begin? One way is to attend an enterprise community event, and there’s a lot to choose from.

One of the biggest annual events for enterprise is the MEF event. MEF is an industry association of 200+ member companies. Their ambition is to enable agile, assured, and orchestrated communication services; and they aim to empower users with the dynamic performance and security required to thrive in a digital economy.

MEF are also leading the way for industry standardization requirements, and recently introduced the MEF 3.0 transformational global services framework for defining, delivering and certifying agile, assured and orchestrated communication services across a global ecosystem of automated networks.

The planned MEF 3.0 service family includes dynamic Carrier Ethernet, SD-WAN, Optical Transport and other virtualized services that will be orchestrated over programmable networks using LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) APIs.

This creates a fundamental foundation for end-to-end orchestration standardized services across multiple providers and over multiple network technology domains. It also breaks up silo structures in the network environment, which will help maximize return on investment.

Ericsson is an active member of the MEF community and is contributing to these standardization efforts.

You’ll find us at this year’s MEF event in LA at booth 209, where you can meet our business experts to discuss the enterprise opportunity and explore our latest product demos.

Find out more about Ericsson at MEF 2019.


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