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Life on the edge network

What is the edge and why do service providers need it? At MWC 2019, Ericsson will showcase the latest low-latency, data-rich technologies which will live on the edge network. Find out how service providers can monetize edge opportunities in our latest blog from Ericsson Research.
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As the momentum of 5G builds, we expect to see a whole range of use cases both on massive and critical machine type communication. These use cases, which will rely on low latency or create massive amount of data, will be soon deployed across industries and consumer markets. One example is self-driving cars, which potentially generate huge amount of data every second. Similarly, immersive reality applications streamed from the cloud as well as robots in smart manufacturing will require millisecond-latency for higher accuracy. Such applications will also send massive volumes of traffic data into the network, and will have an increased need for privacy, safety and resiliency.

Explore edge networks with Ericsson at MWC 2019

One of the best ways to enable and optimize the performance of such applications at scale is to move the compute and storage capabilities to the edge of the network, closer to where the data is generated by the applications and end user. Eventually, this will provide a powerful compute-infused network platform for the time critical and data intensive applications. This platform will even become the basis for building evolved 5G network components.

At Mobile World Congress 2019, Ericsson will showcase the cutting-edge future technologies which will set a great demand on the network and computing capabilities and thus leverage the very best of distributed cloud computing at the edge of the network – from massive robot collaboration to multi-sense machine-to-human communication.

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Leveraging the value of edge network opportunities

Today's service providers are beginning to invest in the power of edge computing. With the flexibility of Cloud native networks, cloud-based applications and virtualized network functions of the core and RAN integrated with a distributed cloud environment and the ability for unified orchestration of networks and cloud workloads, we will be ready with a truly optimized edge network compute platform.

At Ericsson, we provide technologies to enable service providers to monetize the emerging need for edge compute by exploring mutual awareness between computing environment, connectivity, and the devices connecting to the network. By designing a scalable, secure and resilient edge cloud which integrates with the connectivity of the network, we can provide differentiation for applications. Integrated connectivity and compute at the edge of the network combined with distributed intelligence will provide smooth transition to a future where application connectivity, performance and resiliency requirements can always be met in a cost-efficient way.

Artificial intelligence, which currently resides in the central cloud and devices, will become increasingly relevant at the edge of the network due to the need for real-time, intelligent, autonomous and low-latency decision-making on live data – this will make the edge platform a highly intelligent component of future networks.

As we step in to 5G, it's becoming clear that to unlock the full potential of next generation technologies, we need to take a collective step closer to the edge.

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Want to experience the edge for yourself? Join our CTO Erik Ekudden at MWC 2019 as we journey to the edge of future distributed cloud technologies.

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