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New Ericsson Digital BSS products demonstrated at MWC 2019

In November 2018 we announced the new Ericsson BSS strategy with increased investment in our Digital BSS portfolio. This year, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we were demonstrating the new products arising from that strategy for the first time.

Digital BSS

The Ericsson BSS strategy is designed to support a low-risk but effective step-by-step evolution to the Digital world that is being built with 5G and IoT. The solutions are catalog-driven and pre-integrated with other Ericsson solutions such as self-care, analytics, OSS and Core, and also support available standards for multivendor integration. 

The increased investment has resulted in some new products, with new, simpler and more logical names, and some updates to existing products. Here are the highlights: 

Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform 

Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform is a product catalog enabled, convergent charging and billing solution to monetize new 5G business models. It has evolved to meet operators’ increasing demand for end-to-end "best-in-suite" solutions that combine powerful business performance with cost efficient operations, management and deployment.  

As an evolution of the popular Charging and Billing in One, Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform allows a low-risk but effective digital transformation, enabling convergence and the introduction of a powerful product catalog to drive efficiency, reduce TCO and time-to-market and promote innovation. 

For more information visit Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform   

Ericsson Charging 

Ericsson Charging is a modular, scalable, open, convergent Online Charging System (OCS) using industry standards and protocols. 

An evolution of the industry-leading Ericsson Charging System, Ericsson Charging provides a low-risk but effective route to capture and secure revenue streams and take advantage of business opportunities from both traditional telecom services as well as digital services, 5G and IoT. 

For more information visit Ericsson Charging 

Ericsson Billing 

Ericsson Billing is a convergent billing solution for telecoms that combines an unrivalled combination of out-of-the box features and high configurability.  

As an evolution of the widely-installed Ericsson BSCS iX, Ericsson Billing provides a low-risk but effective route to capture and secure revenue streams and take advantage of business opportunities from both traditional telecom services as well as digital services. The new release focuses particularly on 5G, IoT, B2B and partners. 

For more information visit Ericsson Billing 

Ericsson Mediation 

Ericsson Mediation replaces the industry’s leading mediation product: Ericsson Multi Mediation. The focus in this new release is supporting and interconnecting 5G, non-5G, IoT and OTT applications to build a digital ecosystem. 

For more information visit Ericsson Mediation 

Ericsson Catalog Manager and Ericsson Order Care 

These products do not change names but their new releases continue to be enhanced with powerful and easy-to-use support for 5G and IoT business models. The new release includes additional capabilities for marketing users to create and manage offers and optimize business. 

For more information visit Ericsson Catalog Manager and Ericsson Order Care

Ericsson Wallet Platform 

This established product continues to provide flexible and secure mobile financial services. In addition to a popular demo in our booth, Rob Shuter, CEO and President of MTN Group, and Börje Ekholm, President and CEO of Ericsson, signed a deal extending our long relationship with MTN. Read the press release here.  

For more information visit Ericsson Wallet Platform 


We had a lot of feedback from customers at Mobile World Congress that they are pleased that the strategy we announced last year is starting to pay off with these new products being demonstrated at the show. To get a feel for how the new products can help operators’ marketing people rapidly introduce new offers please see this video captured live from our Mobile World Congress demo! 



Ericsson is the only 5G network technology vendor with a complete Digital BSS solution. For more information on the Ericsson Digital BSS strategy visit Ericsson Telecom BSS.

Graham Cobb
Graham Cobb is Director of BSS Product Marketing for Ericsson.
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