A smooth transition to 5G

Today’s solutions – ready for the future

The market’s first global 5G Access and Transport portfolio

Smart network operators are building their networks for the capacity, quality and new functionality that 5G connectivity will offer. To do that, they need an efficient and flexible network infrastructure.


To make the journey to 5G easier, we created our Ericsson Radio System,  which has now been expanded to contain the market’s first global 5G Access and Transport portfolio. This modular system offers operators a means to transition smoothly to 5G, beginning today. By partnering with us, you can invest in a solution that suits your current needs, with the flexibility to easily add functionality in the future.

Top Radio Performance

By adding mid-band and high-band versions for increased network capacity and faster data throughput, our portfolio of AIR 5G radios becomes truly global. The AIR units support our5G plug-ins: Massive MIMO and Multi-user MIMO and work with today’s Ericsson Radio System Baseband.

Space, power, and spectrum efficiency

We help our partners get the most from scarce resources: space, energy, and spectrum. Operators who want to densify their network are often left with minimal site space to grow on. Designed to provide robust performance in remote areas and extreme weather conditions, we provide efficient solutions that can be easily integrated with existing networks.

Optimal Transport

To provide superior user experiences in parallel to meeting rising demands on networks, we designed innovative transport network solutions that can be easily deployed to deliver the highest performance. Ready for 5G, the reduced footprint and site materials used, combined with simplified installation and operation provides greater performance with lower TCO.

Ericsson Radio System news

Ericsson Radio System news

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Ericsson Radio System reaches new heights

All components of the 5G platform are in place, we are making our system truly end-to-end with the new products we are introducing. With two new 5G Radios, AIR 6488 and AIR 5121 that, together with the AIR 6468, launched 2016, give us a complete portfolio of 5G radios for Massive MIMO with new mid-band and high-band versions.

Ericsson Radio System - Portfolio

The Radio System consists of hardware and software for radio, baseband, power, enclosure, antenna and site solutions, the industry-leading MINI-LINK portfolio for microwave transmission and a fully integrated IP Router portfolio, all managed by a common management system.

Building 5G Networks

Experience the benefits of 5G with forward thinking and flexibility. Learn how we apply our expertise to a wide range of technologies that make the transition to 5G easier.

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