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IoT as a Service: A new business model?

How will 5G change the way you do business? Continue reading

Can 5G low latency give elite sportspeople the edge?

It can if you’re counting in milliseconds. Continue reading

Connected car legislation must put EU transport goals in the fast lane

Vodafone BMW Ericsson connected car legislation European Unionata-5G

By Joakim Reiter, Group External Affairs Director, Vodafone; Dr. Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President Electronics, BMW Group; Ulf Pehrsson, Vice President Government and Industry Relations, Ericsson.

Digitisation is driving the most significant period of change in the automotive industry since the introduction of the moving assembly line in 1913.

Today, millions of cars use mobile networks for a variety of services. Real-time traffic information, vehicle system updates and emergency facilities, such as the eCall service which helps alert rescue services in an accident, all rely on fast mobile connectivity. Continue reading

Life in the digital age: Mental Obesity and AI

Did you know that physical training actually makes your brain better and bigger? According to the popular book Brain Power (original title in Swedish: Hjärnstark) physical training can help our brains grow and cope with cognitive challenges such as stress and lack of focus. Continue reading

eUICC sim card – the little innovation bringing big change to the M2M market

Established enterprises that deliver hardware-based solutions are facing a daunting challenge: rising competition from new, digital-first companies, as well as cloud and service providers. Some are also proving to be victims of their own success. By providing more durable and efficient solutions, customers are also buying less of their products. Continue reading

Fake news on social media: Whose responsibility is it?

Ever shared something on social media before realizing it was fake? Continue reading

5 ways zero-touch technology will change our world

Consumers will share their data – if there’s value

When was the last time you were alone, without your smartphone? Continue reading

Ericsson Industry Watch

Transmissions from Tomorrow: Ericsson’s Digital Services podcast series

Ericsson’s Digital Services recently launched a podcast series in partnership with Dez Blanchfield called, Transmissions from Tomorrow, which has attracted over 1 million listens to date. Co-founder and host of the series, Dez Blanchfield, offers listeners unlimited access to the people on the pulse of change at Ericsson, and serves up the latest trends, insights and predictions for the future of Digital Services. Continue reading

Virtual Trick or Treat: Terror in VR

I’ve always been a bit of a horror movie junkie. IT, The Exorcist, Halloween, the Shining—all are obligatory October viewing in preparation for Halloween. While I find these flicks entertaining, none really terrify me. I had concluded that these movies, and their modern-day counter parts, had become repetitive. I was left feeling jaded rather than scared. When I tried VR, everything changed. Continue reading

Humans, AI and machine intelligence – a match made in heaven?

Back in 2016, a Google computer program known as AlphaGo beat Lee Sidol, one of the world’s top Go players. Perhaps that doesn’t sound so impressive, after all, it is only a boardgame. I mean, how hard could it be, right? Continue reading