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Driving 5G adoption – building relationships and trust with early adopters

5G will enable unlimited opportunities for new use cases, devices and applications. It will provide new and faster services for consumers and business opportunities for companies. In order to succeed, trust amongst early adopters is crucial for 5G to deliver on its promises. Continue reading

3 ways CBRS will change how you work with LTE

CBRS (Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service) is set to take the American mobile market by storm.  The concept is simple, yet the impact is colossal – CBRS delivers the ability for operators and non-operators alike to deliver LTE over unlicensed spectrum, launching new business opportunities and ways to provide better network performance. Continue reading

You need to check out Southeast Asia’s thriving startup scene

When you think of connected regions, Southeast Asia could be a strong contender for the top of your list. As a child, I was in awe of the connections made possible between satellite communication dishes, rockets and beyond. That passion grew alongside my consultant work with AT&T on high-speed communication for private and public networks. Even today, these connections continue to break geographical barriers and change lives through 5G networks, video chats and other applications like telehealth. Continue reading

How can you protect your data privacy?

When downloading a new app, how often do you pause to read the terms and conditions statement before clicking the “Agree” button? I should confess, I rarely do so. Recently, when downloading a game on my smartphone, I did stop and read the terms and conditions. Surprisingly enough, they requested access to my microphone and pictures. Continue reading

Come together: Networks and devices now singing the Gigabit song

Sony Xperia XZ2, one of now many Gigabit LTE enabled smartphones

For tech-savvy fans and consumers, September’s Apple event became another global event for the introduction of a new line up of iPhones and Apple Watches. But for those who listened carefully, they may have noticed Apple’s Worldwide Marketing President, Phil Schiller, bringing a welcome and noteworthy enhancement to the table: the addition of Gigabit class LTE speed capabilities into the next iPhone generation. Continue reading

Top IoT security concerns and ways to address them

Securing your home, workplace, or country is a complicated business. The larger the area that you need to protect, the more exposed it is to security breaches. IoT security can be tricky. After all, the greater the number of connected devices the greater the risk of exposure to advanced and persistent threats (APT). Continue reading

A seven-year-old’s view on connected transportation

“What are we waiting for, mum!?”

A few weeks ago, I was driving my seven-year-old daughter to the swimming pool. She was sitting in the passenger seat next to me selecting music from her Spotify playlist when she suddenly asked me, “What’s your job, mum?” Continue reading

IoT and healthcare: creating powerful IoT networks, without much power

IoT and healthcare solutions: the perfect match

When it comes to functionality, today’s massive IoT solutions must meet three key requirements: extended coverage, long battery life and low device cost. As sensors and connected devices continue to be deployed at scale, it is critical that energy efficiency must be part of the IoT solution’s design from the start and not an afterthought. Continue reading

Future of rail freight transportation – going digital to increase volume and efficiency

Digitalization is changing the future of rail freight transportation.

The rail freight industry in Europe has to transform to increase its market share and ensure sustainable economic growth. Rail freight players are not fully connected to one another and cannot share important data with other modes of transport. The ability to do this would go a long way to improving customer service, gaining operational efficiencies, and securing volume growth of one of the most environmental friendly transport modes. Continue reading

5 tech trends that are transforming the world as we know it

Every year at Ericsson, the CTO has the pleasure of presenting the upcoming technology trends based on the answers to two key questions: What will the world look like in the decades ahead, from a technology point of view, and which of those technologies are most likely to place significant demands on the future network? Continue reading