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5G network slicing: the economic opportunities for operators

With 5G on the horizon, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers great potential to transform industry and society. That said, in order to capture the opportunity, operators will need to carefully consider the new demands being placed on their networks and make strategic investments in order to deliver high-quality, efficient IoT services.

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Distributed cloud attempt No. 2 : Edison failed 1,000 times too

This is the second post in a series discussing 5G and what comes next.

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How to monetize IoT – challenges and business models


We have all heard and read a lot about the exploding opportunities that come with IoT. Despite all the excitement and hype created around this area, service providers will have to overcome several complex challenges to realize the full potential of IoT. The challenges that surround IoT include: interoperability, security, customer experience, business models as well as building a portfolio of IoT products and services for vertical markets. However, one of the greatest challenges is monetization.

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Taking TV and media back to the future


When I was a teenager, I was a veritable bookworm. I read thrillers, drama and, last but not least, science fiction. It always triggered my imagination the way the great sci-fi writers managed to bring the issues and challenges of current society into an alien or future setting. I was also mesmerized by TV series such as Star Trek and movies such as Star Wars and Back to the Future. Yes, I was, and still am, a true nerd!

Jumping forward in time some three decades or so, I don’t really read books much at all anymore, but I can still experience these sci-fi gems through today’s rapidly growing supply of video on-demand services. As I re-watched an old original Star Trek episode the other day, I grudgingly had to admit that not everything has aged well. In fact it was hard to concentrate on the storyline, since the clothing, hairstyles and special effects in those early episodes felt like the show took place in the 1960’s instead of more than 200 years in the future.

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How IoT makes transport smart

When the Chairman and CEO of General Motors, Mary T. Barra, predicted the transformation of the automotive industry at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in 2016, she said the three fundamentals of this transformation were electrification, automation and connectivity.

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How to build an innovative 5G ecosystem in Tuscany


Editor’s note:  Today we are featuring a guest post from Giulio Bottari, Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research and Innovation Manager of the EU H2020 Project 5G-Transformer, based on his presentation at the Ericsson Research Open Day.

Tuscany is a region with many innovative companies and academic research institutes, which leads to great opportunities for cross-sector research, anchored in the region’s heritage of industrial innovation.

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Traffic data: time to tap into its full potential


Editor’s note: Today we feature a post by Sander Maas, Global Offering Lead for Transport at Ericsson, who shares his expertise on connected urban transport. 

Every minute of the day, a huge volume of data is generated by road equipment, vehicles, and travelers. So isn’t it strange, in this day and age, that we still run into traffic jams, even though an accident might have happened hours ago? Isn’t it strange that we stare at the red light for minutes, waiting for it to turn green, or that there is still no way of knowing exactly when the things we’ve ordered will be delivered to our home?

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5G to serve user generations divided by digital literacy rather than age

The fifth generation of mobile networks will be the first to serve five distinct human generations. The reason? Digital literacy… While in the past, we grouped generations into age brackets, soon we might use digital literacy as the divider.

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How can green fintech help save the planet?

Editor’s note: Today we’re featuring a guest post by Sofie Blakstad and Rob Allen of Hiveonline, the winner of the recent Ericsson Garage Start-Up Challenge.  You can read about the contest and the incubation process or check out the Ericsson Garage site for more information.

Sofie says that she is excited to tap into a global network of telco and communications partners, particularly supporting small and micro-businesses in developing economies with access to financial services and formal reputation. “Ericsson’s partnerships with technology and IoT providers will help us to build our data ecosystem,” she says. “Meanwhile, access to expert knowledge in Ericsson’s global organisation will be invaluable in supporting hiveonline as we build from a handful of people to a larger, more complex organisation.”

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How the electric transformation in automotive reached hyperspeed

I guess I should not be surprised. But the last few weeks in the automotive industry have been mind boggling. In my post from March 4, 2016, I elaborated on the transformation of the car industry, but only on one of the fundamentals that will drive the transformation – automation. There are two more to mention: electrification and connectivity.

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