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10 jobs 5G can do to serve users and industries better

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As we introduce 5G, there are network aspects that can be developed further to meet the expectations that users and industries will have on 5G network capabilities. Here is a snapshot of 10 important jobs where the network can do an even better job than today.

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10 questions you need to ask about the future of digital

Clash Royale has been downloaded by some 75 million people, and many of us are addicted to continuously opening the “chests” that hold free cards that give us extra characters and power. If you are not always opening a chest (they take either three, eight or 12 hours to open) then you are wasting precious time, and the game will not work on your behalf while you are doing other things.

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Can AI prevent selfie accidents?

Where did you pose for your last selfie? Was it in front of the mirror showing off your outfit, before a well-known landmark in the city, or was it hanging over a cliff to share the view at your vacation destination?

Did you fear for your life?

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How to make the IoT better with voice

At the iPhone launch event 10 years ago, Steve Jobs famously said that the iPhone’s killer app was making calls.  It was voice, not music or the touchscreen or the camera, that would make or break his new device.

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Handle with care: info in a hyper-connected world

The only way to glean great benefits from the digital transformation that characterizes all industries is to use, analyze and store significant personal information. That information enables access to critical health and financial services that we find on multiple devices and infrastructures.

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Delivering terabit transmission services to Tasmania

It’s only five months since we announced at Mobile World Congress that we were partnering with Telstra to upgrade its nationwide transmission network. And now engineers from the Australian telco and Ericsson have reached a key program milestone by turning on terabit transmission capacity to the Australian state of Tasmania.

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Is the key to success in an IoT world as simple as working together?

The community getting a hands-on demonstration during a break between presentations.

In the realm of IoT, global is the goal. Business growth for enterprises means securing a strong presence in the global market, and for telecom operators, it depends heavily on how truly global their coverage spans. In some cases, operators can achieve global coverage through roaming. Yet as local regulations, big data consumption, and roaming costs come into play, this becomes tricky. So where do they turn? Continue reading

Why China Telecom is building global partnerships in IoT

Editor’s note:  The following is a guest post by Bo Ribbing, Head of Sales Development DCP, for Ericsson.

The IoT is global and will require global thinking and partnerships, and nowhere else is this as clear as in China. Continue reading

Sharing experiences beyond the stadium

Seventy years’ ago, a fan’s football stadium experience was very different – often being standing room only, with restricted views of the game. Today, however, with much improved seating and big screens showing live action replays, the expectations of stadium visitors has greatly evolved. Whether we’re at the match, or watching the action on our TVs at home, we demand a full immersive experience that brings us closer to the action. Continue reading

Wanted: innovative startups building a smart, sustainable future

Do you have a great idea that can change the way 7 billion citizens will travel and transport themselves in the future? Do you want to revolutionize the world of sustainable manufacturing? Is your startup solving the IoT-related data security challenges of a connected society? Continue reading