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    Businesses must fight to protect globalization

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    The well-known and proven recipe for continuous global productivity and competitiveness gains – namely, reduced barriers to trade and investment, allowing business and societies to benefit from global value chains – is being seriously challenged. Continue reading

    Börje Ekholm’s reflection on his first day as Ericsson CEO


    Today marks an important day in my career as I join Ericsson, a company I have admired for as long as I can remember. Our technology has benefited so many and in so many contexts.  4G was the first network generation that was developed for smartphones and that clearly marked a milestone. Now we are taking the next exciting step when developing 5G, a technology that will also change industries and the very fabric of how we work and operate as societies.

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    FinTech Innovation For Disaster Relief

    FinTech innovation

    Emerging ICT solutions are transforming countless areas of our society. While digital innovation has traditionally been leveraged within financial services to increase efficiency and profitability, things are changing: we can use FinTech innovation to improve disaster relief and other humanitarian aid.

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    Reflections from the biggest consumer technology show on Earth

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    The trip home from Las Vegas to Stockholm is a long one, which gives me ample time to reflect on CES, the global consumer technology and electronics trade show that happens every January. This year, our live Skybox broadcasts offered a taste of interactivity and mixed digital/in-person communication.

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    Social businesses prefer impact to profit

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    How does it work to have positive impact as the main outcome of a business and not profit? While conventional for-profit businesses have maximizing profit at the core of their business models, social businesses see profits as a tool rather than an end. Stable revenue is only a part of a much larger picture to achieve social impact.

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    Business model innovations are central to 5G

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    With the move back to unlimited data plans, both fixed and mobile have now completed the full circle of the classic broadband business model. Starting as flat rate, going through an iteration of speed and bucket caps to land in an unlimited proposition. So, perhaps the biggest question for the 5G industry is what the business models will look like.

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    Experience a whole new world with 5G at CES 2017

    CES 2017

    5G is going to change the way we live work and play, from the little things to advances that impact whole societies. And while you may not always know exactly what 5G entails, you will definitely want what it offers, including great leaps in virtual reality and how we will consume media. At Ericsson, we’ve been talking about 5G for a long time – it’s the inevitable future of networks, both in name (3G to 4G to 5G) and in technological evolution – and at CES 2017 we’re collaborating with a number of partners to capture the 5G world of tomorrow for you to experience today.

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    Living the 10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2017


    Every year, the Swedish media announces the Christmas gift of the year. In 2015, it was a robot vacuum but last year it was a VR headset. Far more interesting, I’m sure you’ll agree. In fact, 2016 was the year that saw technologies like VR and AR come crashing onto the scene with prime spots and the newly published Ericsson ConsumerLab report 10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2017 examines trends like this in more detail.

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    Taking the modern workplace on the road

    XC90 on road (1)_2

    On Dec. 29, Volvo Cars – together with Ericsson and Microsoft – announced for its 90 Series cars that it would introduce Skype for Business to the carmaker’s in-car productivity tool. The solution is enabled by Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud, and will allow commuters to keep track of their upcoming meetings and join meetings with one click via the large center display – much easier than managing a meeting from a mobile device at red lights.

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    Innovation and 5G: Partnerships are crucial to survival


    The transition that lies ahead for the entire world economy is digital transformation. One significant demonstration of this is the way companies like Ericsson work to enable digitalization. I will be at at CES 2017 in Las Vegas next week to discuss how digitalization will be fueled by further enhancements in mobile internet as connectivity is at the foundation of digital transformation.

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