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Standards that are anything but standard – 5G

Way back in 2010 and 2011, our researchers had a clear vision of what 5G could become.  They threw themselves into their work, creating 5G testbeds with leading operators around the world. Without their passion for technology and its advancement, we wouldn’t be telling such a compelling 5G story today. Continue reading

How do we ensure that AI benefits humanity?

Artificial intelligence has reached a cultural tipping point. Google is implementing their DeepMind in the Google Home. Amazon does their thing with their Echo and Alexa. IBM’s AI interface Watson is used in many applications, among others elevator control. In the automotive industry, Waymo has been taking gigantic leaps in autonomous driving in 2017, thanks to the AI functions in the cars. Continue reading

Will the future tech be too human for us?

Are you human?

What if devices were like people? Continue reading

Exploring IoT Strategies – paths to wider IoT capabilities

Operator IoT Positioning Framework

With vast potential projected, IoT is perhaps the hottest topic in the tech industry today. While many studies suggest communications service providers are ideally positioned to act as IoT solution providers for enterprises, finding the most appropriate roles along the value chain to maximize IoT opportunities remains very high on service providers’ strategic agendas around the world. Continue reading

First the dumb toilet paper – then the smart home

Did you know that shopping will make the smart home finally happen? Continue reading

5 key steps to creating an innovation mindset

If innovation is about developing something new that impacts the market and creates value for users – what is required to make that happen? Continue reading

Harnessing startup ecosystems for smart cities


You may not be aware of this, but Philadelphia was America’s first, startup innovation hub. In 1776 the city’s intellectual ecosystem included the American Philosophical Society, the first (and second) bank of the United States and the largest library anywhere in the US colonies. These institutions provided the intellectual foundation for the drafters of the Declaration of Independence and eventually for the Constitution of the United States of America. Continue reading

5G, IoT, and future car technology – what the vehicle of the future looks like

On the road to future car technology

What does the vehicle of the future look like? More importantly, how does it work? How does it make our world more efficient, safer and ecologically sound? These are the questions I’m thinking about in preparation for my presentation at FT Future of the Car Summit in London. Continue reading

Star Wars and AI: Why Han Solo absolutely can’t do without droids

Han Solo wants to be the best pilot in the galaxy.  He’s a renegade, a smuggler, out for himself until he comes through in the end.

He’s also dependent on machine intelligence. Continue reading

What’s so important about IoT interoperability?

Interoperability is a great word. The American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines interoperability as the ability of “units from two or more different entities to interact with one another and to exchange information according to a prescribed method in order to achieve predictable results”. Continue reading