Can 5G low latency give elite sportspeople the edge?

It can if you’re counting in milliseconds.

Christine Luby

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A millisecond is a thousandth of a second. Seems super small, right? So what difference could there be between 1 millisecond and 20 milliseconds?

Well, it turns out that those 19 milliseconds can mean a whole lot.

We've produced a new video as a part of our collaboration with French football team Paris Saint-Germain. Featuring Paris Saint-Germain players, the video shows the benefit of 5G low latency while using VR headsets on the prestigious Parc des Princes pitch.

football player with glasses

In the video, the Paris Saint-Germain players take to the field with Ericsson Solution Architect Linus Björklund to put the low latency of 5G to the test

Will 19 milliseconds make the difference between a completed pass or a missed ball? How about a game-ending goal or a fantastic save?
Check out the video to find out!

Why 5G low latency is so important

Over the years, we've published a number of cases and proofs of concepts that show how important low latency really is—even when it's something as small as a difference of 19 milliseconds.

4G networks currently have load times of around 20 milliseconds. Fast when it compares to the internet experience we had with dial-up in the early days, but not fast enough. We can be patient when it takes a few moments for a website to load or a video to buffer—but when it comes to machines, or self-driving cars on the road, for example, every fraction of a second counts. And that's where 5G comes in.

Ultra-low latency can be used to perform a huge variety of important functions in real world scenarios, such as improving production of jet engine components and improving traffic safety. But it can also be fun, as the PSG proof of concept video highlights.

For example, it can make sure you score that winning goal.

team playing with football and wearing glasses

And it can make sure you don't leave your buddy hanging.

players wearing glasses

Explore more magic of just how fast 5G will be:

millisecond level perfrmance

To see another example of what low latency will mean for our connected future, watch American players wearing VR goggles throw, dodge and tackle at close to full speed.

Read our latest report – The Industry Impact of 5G – or check out a blog post summarizing the top 5 lessons from the report by my colleague Peter Linder and learn more about 5G for industries.

UPDATE: Still not convinced about the speed differences between 4G and 5G? Check out this video that the BBC did when they came to visit our 5G prototypes in North America!

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