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Agile Coach Chapter

We coach, mentor, train, and facilitate to help the organization to grow, to learn, to innovate and to excel whilst navigating complexity and uncertainty. Working closely with people in various roles, we lead and support in using agile practices to achieve operational results whilst evolving the organization.
Junaid Shaikh A

Junaid Shaikh A

Agile Coach

I am working with the GFGO organization which is about providing the best customer and employee experience in the lead to cash journey of Ericsson products and services through digitalization

Agile Coach/Transformation agent/Stimuli - My role is to coach individuals, teams and the organization to be transparent, inspect and adapt their products and ways of working to enrich customer and employee experience

Since we are on our Digital transformation journey, we need to move away from the 'project' mindset and focus more on 'products' and 'end users' :) So, I haven't yet exposed myself to the plethora of good products ericsson provides. I have been working with 'Analytics guided selling' product for quite sometime now and I am proud of what we have achieved, the potential it possesses and the team behind it.

There is a lot to love :) The vison to start with a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future' the values, awesome colleagues and their mindset to improve

Ferdy Michiels

Ferdy Michiels

Agile Coach

I work in the Global Journey Transformation organization, GJT, where we are transforming the global sales process, introducing new ways of working and digitalizing the time-consuming tasks in sales processes.

I am working as an Agile Coach within Global Journey Transformation. This means that I work with teams and organizations to change their mindset and create a more efficient way of working for the teams.

A project I am proud of is the project nicknamed 'Project Ninja.' This was an Agile pilot for Ericsson Marketing & Communication, where we launched a campaign for 5G RAN Slicing using an Agile team working with Scrum. The pilot was a big success, for which we won the Ericsson M&C 2.0 award. With the data of the pilot, I advised the Marketing leadership team on the best approach for a larger Agile transformation. After that, I trained and prepared the new Transformation organization to begin their Agile journey, which is still running.

I love the fact that Ericsson has many different areas that I can (potentially) work within and that I have already had the opportunity to work in. I got the opportunity to work with Ericsson M&C, the Customer Units in the UK and Ireland, and of course, the Global Journey Transformation.

Vandana Yadav – Agile Coach

Vandana Yadav

Agile Coach

I am part of the Global Journey Transformation (GJT), which is a s a company-wide transformation initiative instilling simplification at the heart of everything we do. It is an end-to-end approach targeting entire Customer and Employee journeys to improve our ways of working. It is driven by Group Function Global Operations (GFGO) with the support and mobilization of all impacted MAs/BAs/GFs.  

I am working as (Agile) Coach in the Global Journey Transformation. My day-to-day work involves coaching people, teams, and the organization so that we can work well with each other, continuously improving, learning, and delivering value. By that we make Ericsson a great place to be. We want to support people in taking responsibility and ownership, and to find their ways to create change in a complex and challenging environment.

Erstwhile LH3c - Customer Project Business. Here we focus on continuous improvement with experimenting at the heart of our learning journey. We test different hypothesis we have about the product we are working on, enabling us to learn and adapt fast. We change our direction without wasting time when we find that a hypothesis is wrong.

I support the team in finding a way to do this and it works great for the team. I support them in excelling together as a team.

We tried for example to work with Cycle planning, inspiring other teams to do the same by sharing our approach with the community. Announcing Sprint Champions boosts ownership and to see a team go ahead and drive their own journey more and more is what inspires many of us coaches.

There are many opportunities within Ericsson to spread the love for Agile and to share knowledge. Many areas benefit from having a coach and this allows me to take on new challenges and to connect with people.

There are so many colleagues that are eager to learn more, which inspires us coaches to create more relevant training courses. 

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