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Business Analyst Chapter

Champions of agile transformation methodologies with a deep understanding of our business and the customer journey, our Business Analysts develop and implement digital solutions across the group to realize significant business results.
Camilo Perez

Camilo Perez

Business Transformation manager

I work at the Global Journey Transformation organization, GJT, where we are transforming the global sales process, introducing new ways of working and digitalizing the time consuming tasks in sales processes.

As a senior business transformation manager, I am part of a cross-collaborating team with developers, architects, data scientists, designers, and business representatives. We are developing a SaaS Software management platform for supporting the sales teams globally, to increase sales, and for our customers to obtain more control and value over their Ericsson software.

Besides the obvious consultative and leadership skills of handling stakeholders, contributing towards becoming a high-performing team, synthesizing information, and improving business performance. My role is to translate business insights based on data and user feedback into product vision and valuable features for our users with service design as a foundation. My role also involves driving the rollout of our platform to all countries where Ericsson is present by creating awareness and increasing usage among our sales teams and customers by cooperating with the different market and business areas.

Within our organization, I am leading and coaching two teams, partly working with the development of us as business analysts and across functions within the GJT by developing our structure capital to grow our capabilities.

I am proud of having the opportunity to work with my current team. The driven, pragmatic, ambitious, and collaborative approach has enabled our solution to already have a clear impact and positive ROI after a couple of years and is the foundation for other parts of the sales transformation journey, we are part of.

Working in a multicultural and functional environment with nice and smart people who possess all capabilities needed to take a concept into a fully developed solution. The flexibility and variation of the work is inspiring and motivating. For instance, by breakfast, I can have a user meeting with Australia and Japan, for lunch a chat with colleagues from Nigeria and South Africa, and for dinner a strategic session with business colleagues in Brazil and the US.

Sanna Nordqvist

Sanna Nordqvist

Senior Business Analyst

I work on improving and automating the license delivery process within Ericsson's supply organization.

My role is to ensure that my team progresses and that we keep track of that progress. This can be driving the implementation of new functionality, product deployment, project planning, and follow up of objectives and key results. In my role, I have both the hands-on perspective of the products we are developing, and the bigger picture with the context of why we are doing that. As the bridge between technology and business, I can utilize different perspectives to solve problems with creativity and a challenger mindset.

I am very proud of my current project! Our products have only been up and running for a couple of months, but we can already see the shifts, both when it comes to processes and people, the utilization of new tools saves time from repetitive tasks and creates new possibilities. We are a small cross-functional team that achieves big results through collaboration and perseverance along with having fun on the way.

At Ericsson, you are surrounded by really smart people with really smart solutions! I enjoy my work the most when I get to problem solve with creative and fun people, and at Ericsson, that is something I get to do daily.

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