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Ben Smeets

Ben Smeets is a Senior Expert in Trusted Computing at Ericsson Research. He is also a professor at Lund University, from where he holds a Ph.D. in information theory. In 1998, he joined Ericsson and contributed to Bluetooth, mobile platform security, and embedded SIM. In 2005, he received the Ericsson Inventor of the Year Award and is currently working on trusted computing technologies and security in cloud computing systems.

Ben Smeets

Trust technologies for security assurance

The potential of the network platform where humans, machines, basic and AI-driven services will complement each other is so immense that it’s hard to grasp in all its aspects. Nevertheless, because our society will depend so heavily on this network platform to function properly, we are faced with a quite simple and highly relevant question: “is it secure?”

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Smart Contracts for Identities

In the digitally connected world of Internet-of-Things (IoT), secure identities are crucial to achieve trustworthy generation and management of information. When facing tens of billions of devices, though, we can no longer rely on the means for managing devices and identities that are used today, where a substantial amount of manual intervention is required.

In our latest post in a series on secure identities, we will talk about smart contracts and digital identities and show how identity brokering facilitates identity and trust management for IoT devices.

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Secure brokering of digital identities

Secure digital identities are critical to achieving trust in our increasingly connected world – both for sending and receiving information but also to manage the devices. As the number of mobile devices enters the billions, we can no longer manage devices the way we do today, with a lot of manual intervention required.

In this post, we examine digital identities and offer a glimpse into how an Ericsson Research solution dynamically controlled access to WiFi networks by combining traditional identity management for SIM cards with blockchain-based management of device identities.

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Secure IoT identities

Security is critical for a trustworthy Internet-of-Things. To achieve this, it is crucial we solve the main challenge of secure identities for constrained IoT devices and find efficient ways to deal with the many identity technologies in use. Different ecosystems have disparate needs and practices. Yet it is clear that automation and zero touch mass registration is necessary for scaling up to billions of devices. A secure identity – anchored in hardware – is at the center.

Ericsson, ARM, and u-blox have joined forces to address this issue. Together, we have developed a concept that can integrate and secure IoT devices from any ecosystem – something that is necessary to enable IoT deployments to move to massive scale. A prototype using well-proven security technology from mobile networks, implemented on a u-blox device utilizing ARM mbed OS 5, was demonstrated at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

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