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John Mattsson

John Mattsson joined Ericsson in 2007 and is now a Senior Specialist at Ericsson Research with a focus on Internet Security and Cryptography In 3GPP, he had a great influence on lMS security and algorithm profiling and he now coordinates Ericsson's security work in the IETF. He holds an M.Sc. in engineering physics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and an M.Sc. in business administration and economics from Stockholm University.

John Mattsson

Trust technologies for security assurance

The potential of the network platform where humans, machines, basic and AI-driven services will complement each other is so immense that it’s hard to grasp in all its aspects. Nevertheless, because our society will depend so heavily on this network platform to function properly, we are faced with a quite simple and highly relevant question: “is it secure?”

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Post-quantum cryptography in mobile networks

Work on cryptography in cellular networks technologies, such as 5G, is driven both in 3GPP and in IETF. Post-quantum cryptography is one important field in this area. Ericsson actively participates in this work, and we recently presented a well-received paper in 3GPP describing the impact of quantum computers and how they affect cellular networks.

This blog post is a slightly revised reproduction of the paper.

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HTTPS everywhere

The web is quickly moving towards HTTPS everywhere – or at least almost everywhere. Whether they like it or not, application and network service providers will have to adopt HTTPS for all their traffic in the near future, and as this requires preparation, it is time to start planning.

In this blog post we describe the reasons behind the recent explosion of encrypted HTTPS traffic, why this trend is likely to continue, and the new mechanisms that service and network provides can use to cope with this challenge.

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An Ericsson Research view on Internet Security

In this blog post we give our view on Internet security and how we as a company will continue to strive for end user protection. We also describe the solutions we will drive in standardization; for example mechanisms to ensure that tomorrow’s network services work with protected traffic.

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