1. Connectivity is key for Lynk & Co, the world’s first digital car


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    Connectivity is key for Lynk & Co, the world’s first digital car

    All industries have felt the disruptive effects of the digital revolution and the emerging sharing economy. But until now, the car industry has managed to dodge the digital bullet with little more than a few updates to a web site. But that’s all about to change.

    Lynk & Co is the latest new car brand launched October 20 by China’s Geely, owner of Volvo, and its car, the Lynk & Co 01, boasts that it is the first car born completely in the digital age.

    It’s been getting press for a number of different things—from being the first car with a dedicated app store, to the fact that it will be sold exclusively online—but one piece stands out: the fact that it may be the world’s most connected car yet.


    Connectivity to Lynk & Co is the number one priority and the key brand promise.  The car’s connectivity/infotainment/telematics platform will be a new, open one, created in collaboration with Ericsson. The digital platform will feature an open API and is intended to be used for endless opportunities to personalize, enrich and expand the automobile experience and service ecosystem.

    Maybe the most interesting feature of Lynk & Co’s 01 is the new collaborative car sharing scheme, built on a new digital key solution. Like David Green, Chief Digital Officer of Lynk & Co, points out, cars sit around unused for 95 percent of the time. That was just the way of life, but in the new sharing economy, that looks a lot like a wasted resource. Now, with the digital key and Lynk & Co’s car sharing platform, you can present your relatives, friends, or service technicians with the Share Button, giving them secure, time-limited access to your Lynk & Co car with a click on a smartphone app. How will you use it? It’s up to you.


    Personally, after having a car for several years, I’ve gone without for the past several years that I’ve lived in Stockholm. And whenever we thought about getting one, the counterpoint always was ‘What’s the point? We only need it for maybe one day a month tops, and having it here in the city will end up costing us money.’ But with the 01, we could lend it to friends without a hassle, or even try to balance the cost of it out by being part of the car-sharing solution.

    The 01 will be available for purchase first in China in 2017, so I will have to wait a bit before I can get my hands on it. But I know if I do indeed get it, I’m feel completely on the road to the future.

    Written by Christine Luby

    Christine is the Head of Social Media at Ericsson and believes in all things connected. A communicator and storyteller by trade, she has been excited about the future since she was a kid—and is still waiting for her self-driving flying car. Follow Christine on Twitter @christineluby

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