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Why is innovation the buzzword right now?

Social businesses prefer impact to profit

Say hello to the era of social business

From Stockholm to Sydney – exploring the City Index

Stockholm and Sydney are 15584 kms apart on the map, and 19 places apart on the Networked Society City Index 2016. Let’s look at the differences.

Life in 2025: The Mobile

In 2015, the Mobile live light, favour access-based consumption, and stay flexible.

Life in 2025: The Social

In 2025’s Networked Society, the Social are empowered and have momentum in society but do not belong to a traditional labor market.

Life in 2025: The Anchored

In 2025, the Anchored are the Networked Society consumer group who most hold on to traditional 20th century values.

Life in 2025: The Players

In the Networked Society of 2025, the Players are outside the economic system or have never been invited into it.

Life in 2025: The Resourceful

In 2025, the Resourceful hold the most attractive positions in society and economic, cultural, and social capital.

Life in 2025: A new model for emerging roles

The new millennium marks the transition from the age of industrialization to a new paradigm, which we call The Networked Society.