Live blog—join us at MWC Barcelona 2018

Join Ericsson at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 25th – March 1st, 2018. Visit Ericsson Digital services at the Do Zone in hall 2, if you can't join us in Barcelona, why not stay tuned to our live blog to hear the latest about our product updates, see demos and hear from our customers on what is going to make the biggest difference to them—5G, IoT and Digital Transformation.

External Communications Manager

External Communications Manager

Some final reflections summarizing the event in Barcelona

  • 5G Ready Core was really received well with all customers using the joysticks to test our latency and good discussion on their future plans.
  • Many operators still want to understand more on the core virtualization journey. Frontrunners have already deployed but others are still trying to understand when and how to embark on this journey.
  • Automation and machine learning are topics where many appreciate that the discussion is becoming more tangible.
  • BSS transformation is a very hot topic. Pain point for many of our customers.
  • Our tangible examples of IoT use cases are highly appreciated and compared to last year there is no doubt that 3GPP technologies are a very strong proposition.

Here you can follow an interesting detailed demonstration of Software Defined Infrastructure using the Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 solution given by David Partain in discussion with Dez Blanchfield. It includes the entire datacenter ecosystem from the HDS8000 hardware with the cabling the different pods for for compute storage and networking, how the software is organized to support different cloud infrastructures, to actually visualize in a demonstration how the orchestration and automation of the service layer is done in the network. It also touches upon the partnership with Intel, for example the use of Skylake processor and how we jointly work to support the UN sustainability goals. Watch the video with Dez Blanchfield!

Ericsson Digital also had the opportunity to speak with Mike Wright, Group Managing Director Telstra where he shared his insights with Dez Blanchfield on virtualization—the Australian journey.

And some final pictures of demos and activities from the Ericsson booth.

MWC image1.jpg
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MWC image4.jpg

Day 4 in Barcelona

demos - customer visits.jpg

Head of Networks at the Finnish Operator Elisa is testing NTT Docomo 5G network slicing demo, while T-Mobile Poland CIO is looking at Revenue Manager use cases.

Day 3 in Barcelona

SWISSCOM discuss Network Slicing

Ruben Merz, 5G Lead Architect with Swisscom, shares insights on their collaboration with Ericsson Digital Services for the Core Network and recent results with Network Slicing and explains the use cases they are working with in the transport domain.

Read more about how Continuous delivery and continuous deployment helps turning on 5G and listen to why Swisscom sees this as a part of their DNA. Read more.

Here you can read more about what this powerful technology is.


NFV Here and now

Eric Ericsson, head of solution line NFVi at Digital services at Ericsson, talks about NFV here and now. In this interview with Ronald van Loon he explains why NFVi is so important to solve the various demands from different IoT flows for different applications and how Edge Computing can solve this. The applications in the IoT flows will be provided with a unique virtual network supported by NFVi, with an optimized configuration that can be set up dynamically on demand with quick turnaround

Want to know more about why Ericsson is a leader in NFVi?

Download the TBR report


Day 2 in Barcelona

Group CTO of VEON, Yogesh Malik shares the journey of VEON to Digital Transformation and Customer Centric thinking with Dez Blanchfield. Click on the video for more:

Read the video blog with Jan Karlsson and Dez Blanchfield in conversation a little while before the MWC 2018. They discuss the latest trends with BSS (Business Support Systems) stay tuned for video update coming soon.


Joint DNA study on Application Lifecycle management

The Finnish operator DNA visit us at MWC. They have decided to start their journey towards agile IT—with a vision and mission to have the most-satisfied customers in the Finnish market. This meant delivering on a promise of providing connections, services, and devices in a clear, easy, and cost-effective manner. In particular, complex services such as virtual PBX and the upcoming cloud services have created the need for a new B2B business segment, with the Lead-to-Service process (Service Order Management) identified as a crucial area of where to introduce automation.

Ericsson ADM services together with the adoption of DevOps for Service Order Management are helping DNA to rapidly grow their top line providing faster time to market especially for complex products in the B2B segment. Automated build, test, and deployment—including post-deployment smoke tests and regression tests—are all ensuring that there are no manual mistakes in deploying new software into production and that downtime and production issues are significantly minimized. For more info read more about the Case study: Application Lifecycle Management.


Another busy day in the Ericsson booth




Ericsson and Telenor cooperation on network slicing for mission-critical communication

Ericsson highlights mission-critical communication with network slicing in a demonstration. It is a proof of concept tailoring of network slices for mission critical and mobile broadband services using the same 5G network.
Pål Grønsund from Telenor Research talks about what we actually do with the network slices and tailoring of resources, how we enable isolation of slices and tailored availability, assurance, security, QoS.



Follow us on Day 1 in Barcelona

Ulf Ewaldsson keynote on Edge computing

In his keynote speech in the afternoon, Ulf Ewaldsson, Senior Vice President of Digital services, talks about the burden and the opportunity of owning the edge infrastructure

Ulf E at MWC.jpg

"We can expect fantastic growth of users, devices and traffic - but where to best process workloads and applications?" says Ulf Ewaldsson. He outlines different aspects of implementing Edge Computing. Read more on how to Turn on 5G with edge computing.


VoLTE and WebRTC demo in Vodafone booth

The benefits of VoLTE and WebRTC mashup communication services to small businesses is in the spotlight at as part of an Ericsson-backed Vodafone Smart Consumer-to-Business demo.

VoLTE demo with Vodafone.jpg

The Ericsson solution, based on VoLTE combined with WebRTC capabilities, integrates the traditional telco world (voice calls) with the IT world (browsing websites, watching videos, using online calendars, social media etc.) to provide end-users with a richer combined communication services experience. Initiated by a VoLTE smartphone call, businesses will be able to show customers their products, web pages, photographs or live webcam videos, for example, interactively modify and agree the exact order with the customer and produce and send invoices.


Expert Analytics

Watch the Ronald van Loon video interview with Eva Hedfors about the win with T-Mobile on Expert analytics, what Ericsson is demonstrating in the area of Expert analytics and how it can help operators work smarter.

Read more T-Mobile US deploys Ericsson Expert Analytics and follow also on our Linkedin.

Want to try out our software on Expert Analytics?

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Monday morning press conference

Ericsson President and CEO Börje Ekholm started off in the morning with a briefing to media and analysts on Monday, February 26, as Mobile World Congress 2018 got underway. There he declared 5G open for business and highlighted Ericsson’s concrete focus on 5G business cases as well as the key technological enablers—from network slicing to machine intelligence—that will make 5G a commercial success.

On stage at the press conference together with Börje Ekholm was Andrew Penn, CEO of Telstra (see image below). He talked about how they will work with Ericsson to continue evolving the Telstra Mobile Network to support Telstra’s Network of the Future. Ericsson will deliver a leading technology roadmap to both extend the strength and capability of 4G and help lay the foundations for early 5G evolution with 5G-ready radio, virtualized core and next generation transport. Read More.

Börje and Mike Wright.jpg

Our CEO Börje also talked at our press conference this morning, and among other things he mentioned our win in Expert Analytics with T-Mobile.

Highlights were given from the 5G Platform launch from February 8th, including our Edge Computing offering. With edge computing we expand the possibilities of edge computing, using groundbreaking technology to create a unified approach across centralized, distributed and edge resources. We bring cloud capabilities closer to the consumer, providing a unified experience through end-to-end orchestration, increasing performance and resilience, being able to run any workload anywhere in the network.

Below you also find some images from the floor including our Head of Digital Services Jan Karlsson in a chat with one of the major digital influencers Dez Blanchfield.

Dez and Jan K.jpg


BSS demo.jpg

Welcome to the Do Zone

Every year at Mobile World Congress, experts from the mobile industry meet to discuss which emerging technologies are important, and examine what business impact and potential of these innovations might have.

This year, Ericsson will shake things up a bit. We intend to focus not only on why and what, but especially on how. We will showcase how to create value from your network and for your business—now, not just as a future possibility. In our Do Zone you can:

  • Boost mobile broadband and monetize each 4G to 5G step
  • Grow with new revenues in IoT and 5G
  • Engage through digital experience and excel in automated operations
  • Innovate with cool and collaborative new technologies and business concepts

In the Do Zone in hall 2 we will provide own seminars on 5G, IoT and Intellectual Property Rights. We will also have press seminars, industry analyst seminars as well as a Policy & regulatory seminar, and of course lot of customer meetings.


We will showcase some highlights from Ericsson Digital services - some of these we will demonstration onsite, together with our customers for:

  • Digital engagement - How to create seamless experience through agility and automation. Demonstrations together with customers on for example "Insight driven automated operation" using Dynamic orchestration and "KPI-driven application modernization" to address the maintenance, development and evolution of applications. And to lead through a software-as-a-service.
  • Making 5G Core real - a demo with a 5G connected construction site, and joint demonstrations with customers for network slicing, e.g. infrastructure as a service slice automation - all supported with a number of related product and solution proof points, including a demonstration of the updated 5G platform launch including Edge Computing from February 8th.
  • NFV here and now - including NFV MANO supported by e.g. Dynamic orchestration, a complete set of VNF´s for the virtual Core network (e.g. packet core, IMS, subscriber data management) and a complete NFVi platform for hardware, software execution environment, service management and transformation services. We also show how to grow topline today and in 5G with VoLTE.

Apart from the activities in or around the Do Zone, Ericsson will also give keynotes as part of the GSMA program.



As it happens—highlights from MWC 2018

We will bring you interviews and snapshots of the demonstrations on videos, we will speak with customers and share the most exciting trends emerging from this year's conference.

If you are there, reach out to us, if you want us to cover something in particular and report back let us know. We have a team of social media on site ready to capture and share back 'as it happens' so stay tuned to our Social media channels: Ericsson Digital Twitter and bookmark this blog!

You find us in Hall 2 at La Fira for the most collaborative, inspiring experience at MWC18.

Find out more about Ericsson at Mobile World Congress.

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