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At the heart of innovation’s boldest quests lie the people dedicated to driving them forward. It's our people who create the game-changing technology we're known for. It's our people who help cultivate the inclusiveness and warmth of a global company that’s only ever been in it for the long term. We're nothing without our people.

Meet some of our people

Fida Kibbi, Head of Marketing & Communications, Middle East & Africa

The best career advice I've ever got is to never say ‘no, I cannot do that’. Always believe that you can and explore things. Be determined. Have a vision and even if it is a dream, try to achieve it. When I think back to the beginning of my career in 1994 in Saudi Arabia, if you had told me that by 2019 I would be where I am today, I wouldn’t have believed it.
It’s all about determination. When I started out in Saudi, aged 20, I wanted a career. Despite the challenges back then, I just went for it!"

Irena Andonov, Change Manager and Process Driver, Sweden

“How to put people first? I think it’s simple. Support them, lift them up when motivation is lacking, help them look good in front of others instead of trying to compete, and be ready to listen. That’s how you get others to want to work with you. I remember once when collaborating with a colleague. Someone who was great at their job, but maybe a bit too shy for their own good! I also sensed that they didn’t really see themselves as an important contributor, and so didn’t put themselves out there to get the recognition they deserved. Communication was lagging, and it could lead to important project information being lost. So, I sent an email to them, including their team leader and manager, detailing all their hard work so their contribution could get some proper recognition! It’s all about helping others see their value. It also helps to put aside any differences you may find you have and to focus on reaching something together. This way, you have a shared goal you can work towards.”

Ioana Andreea Botan, Technical Coordinator, Romania

“I believe a #PeopleFirst approach is what makes a company more appealing on the market nowadays for potential employees. With so many new companies coming into the picture and offering more and more benefits to their employees, sometimes the simplest people-based approach can make the biggest difference. Living in the automation/AI-era, we might be tempted to believe that human beings can easily be replaced by a robot or some other automatic process, but I dare to disagree. Maybe the future will show us something different. There have been some changes here at the company lately, and we’re starting to perform better and better when it comes to people. There’s been a real increase in attention towards employees, which can be seen in all the benefits and internal platforms that are being launched. I think it’s a great move forward.”

Seyi Obe

Seyi Obe, People Manager, Ghana

“I am inspired by the moral and values on which I was bred. I am inspired by the unlimited potential in us humans to do good, to make things better than we found them. I get inspired that here at Ericsson, I get to work with similarly engaged people but from all types of diverse backgrounds and cultures. In my view, #PeopleFirst is a type of culture, a culture of making sure that people are a central, pivotal consideration in all that what we do and how we do them. This is what I have found here at #Ericsson. Of course, we can always do better but I love that I always have opportunity to make a difference, while continuing to learn and to grow. Also, it doesn’t hurt that my contributions are always recognized by our leaders!”

Fatma Özdemir Canverdi

Fatma Özdemir Canverdi, R&D Director, Turkey

“What inspires me most about Ericsson is that everyone is welcome to bring their whole selves to work and also to know that there is place for every voice! Everyday in the office, in meetings, face to face or video, during coffee breaks when I talk to my colleagues, I am inspired by the different view each of us brings to the discussion. Often, I leave these discussions with many more ideas than I had by myself. As part of my current role, I often have the opportunity to visit universities or to host students in our office. During these visits I try to explain this environment and I see the excitement this creates. They are right to be excited, it is truly wonderful and very inspiring to be part of such a diverse and inclusive work place!” 

Adolf Malefo

Adolf Malefo, Integration Engineer in Johannesburg, South Africa

“What inspires me? I’m inspired by the real potential we have to make positive contributions in all we do, making meaningful relationships along the way. As a fairly new employee – I just finished a graduate program here – the two examples that really stick out in my mind of #PeopleFirst would be the employee Voice survey, which shows me that the company cares about its people’s opinions, and my manager’s always trying to give us opportunities within the company to grow our skills and ourselves. With 5G and AI in fact already here, I find myself more and more inspired by the possibilities of the future.”  

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Tayyab Bin Tariq, CDU Transport Integration Engineer, Pakistan

“I get my inspiration from challenges and risks. I believe that change is constant in both business and our personal lives. Which is maybe why, since I started working here, I no longer wake up with unnerving thoughts of going to the office, rather every day is as exciting and propelling as my first day. Making a difference is a big deal for me and accomplishing a task or project that results in progress for the company is what helps raise my motivation bar."

Péter Orbán, Product Development Leader, Hungary

“I don’t believe that the sky is the limit. Everything is possible, we have just not found the solution to the problem yet. Sometimes, all it takes is just one more idea or one more discussion to challenge the way we do things.”

Joanna Lubiatowska, Software Developer, Poland

“At the beginning of my Ericsson adventure the most important thing for me was balancing my education and part-time work. Not all companies grant such opportunities. Ericsson allowed me to pursue University studies whilst gaining valuable work experience. Here we really are a team. We all each face difficult times where we need support from our team. Those acts of kindness from others show that we all put people first.”

Cristina Rodriguez, Internal Communications Manager, Spain

“To me, #PeopleFirst means seeing employees as human beings above all. Putting people first means that leaders are committed to care about their people and their inclusiveness - everyone at any level is equally important in the workplace. #PeopleFirst means being valued, understood, challenged, and empowered to be successful.”


Monika Lindgren, Marketing Services Optimization Specialist, Sweden

“I always try to make my team members (and, of course, other colleagues too) successful. For me, that often means trying to support them and share my knowledge when I have the chance and when I think it could be of help to them.”

Wonilly Marleny Mojica, Service Delivery Line Manager, Mexico

“I love that you set your own limits of what you can achieve at this company. I believe that if you love what you do and if you always put the customer first, success be will be yours.”


Génesis Judith Campos

Génesis Judith Campos, Service Delivery Line Manager, Mexico

“What inspires me in life is my family, they are my core. And for work, it is to know that I work for a great company and how I contribute to society and technology through my actions every day. The people, the diversity we live every day, the culture, I love it all!”

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