Visionary ideas from MWC 2014

    Connected Paper

    Connected Paper is all about making it easy to access information – information that is associated to everyday things. Anything with print on it should just by a touch with your hand, be able to give unique information. In this demonstration it is your body that becomes the "wire" that transfers data into services in a smartphone.

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    Micro Weather

    The global grid of microwave links – found in mobile networks, which cover 90% of the world – has great potential to serve as a very accurate, local weather radar system. This "hidden" asset of operator’s networks could offer enormous value to people, business and society, with hyper-localized weather monitoring and forecasting on a scale never seen before.

    At MWC 2014, Ericsson will demonstrate the first live deployment of the Micro Weather concept, showing how we can capture rain intensity, process it in real time and offer visual information about where and how much rain is falling."

    Micro Weather

    Emergency Co-ordination Centre of the Future

    Vast amounts of data streams and information needed to be analyzed, combined and actioned upon, creating a complexity that goes far beyond mere human management. Ericsson and Telstra have come up with a proposed coordination center of the future that empowers decision-making.

    Emergency Co-ordination Centre of the Future

    Zero Site

    City populations grow by 7,500 people per hour and mobile data traffic is expected to grow ten times by 2019, increasing the need for sustainable lighting and enhanced mobile capacity and coverage in cities. New connected street lighting model solves two issues simultaneously: offering city officials an innovative way to afford next generation energy efficient LED lighting to meet sustainability goals, and enabling network operators to offer improved city-wide mobile broadband and app coverage.

    Ericsson’s "Zero Site" is a connected lighting solution integrating telecom equipment into light poles, which enables telecom operators to improve mobile network performance while reducing urban clutter. Citizens will benefit from improved mobile network coverage for data communications and enhanced safety with brighter, well lit streets.

    Connected Car

    Connected Cars will change the driver experience completely and has the potential to transform the entire automotive industry. Through sensors and access to information in the cloud, via the broadband network, a system like Volvo’s cloud-based Sensus Connect connectivity system, based on Ericsson's Service Enablement Platform, will fundamentally change the way car drivers commute and perceive their time in the car.

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    Mobile Network Remote Control

    User experience influences design questions for a future mobile network. In a demo at Mobile World Congress 2014, Marcus Gårdman, Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research, shows what types of demands industry applications will put on mobile networks (5G) in terms of capacity, throughput, and latency. He does this by using virtual reality goggles, a joystick controller, and a miniature digger equipped with a 360-degree camera.