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5 ways to master the new innovation game

Assuming your organization has a creative mindset, and beyond the possible implications of emerging technologies, a key challenge lies in pinning down what is required from an organizational perspective for innovation to take place. To a large extent, this is the key challenge in the business world today and something that many organizations, especially larger ones, struggle with. What are the prerequisites for making innovation happen?

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Updating to a flexible machine

Want a head start at the future labor market? Learn to collaborate with a flexible machine.

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Autonomous mining trucks and equipment – connected Pit Vipers are every miner’s dream

Have you ever driven a self-driving vehicle? Or perhaps an even better question would be: can you even drive something that is self-driving and automated? Maybe we soon will have to change the way we talk about self-driving, as well as change our entire approach to travelling and transportation. I mean: if a car is entirely self-sufficient – would you even need to have a driver’s license? Continue reading

Following the money in IoT: Distribute the cloud to the edge

IoT edge computing enables platooning trucks

Over the last decade, businesses have been centralizing their IT infrastructure in the cloud. Now, the Internet of Things (IoT) is shedding light on some limitations of this approach – lack of storage, high latency, static environment, etc. – resulting in a shift from the centralized model to distributed model and to the edge for optimal user experience and cost performance. Continue reading

Software robotics and drones – from design to concept

During the rise of technology trends like software-defined infrastructure and hardware disaggregation in 2015, I started looking into what could be the next step in the evolution of datacenter hardware, trying to envision where we would be around 2020. Continue reading

Will 5G need an iconic device to drive consumer adoption?

The other day, when waiting for a train at a bustling station, I used my smartphone to immerse myself in a very interesting panel discussion streamed live by the Washington Post via Facebook. However, this experience was far from enjoyable as I experienced some major interruptions due to high latency. Such troubles made my questions to the panel out of context since they were arriving with a delay. Latency ruined the whole experience, and the questions I posted remained unanswered. Consequently, I lost interest in following the panel. Continue reading

Augmented reality gives us super human abilities and a sixth sense

What transforms a human into a superhero? Heightened capabilities of vision, hearing and touch, combined with instant transportation to the right place at the right time.

In many ways, this is also the achievement of augmented reality (AR).  We’ve spent decades on the visualization and data intelligence of machines to seamlessly connect, with powerful business results. Now, the next tech revolution has already started with the supercharging of human cognition and senses via AR experiences. Continue reading

Saving lives with cellular networks and Intelligent Transport Systems

ericsson C-ITS transportation blog regulation

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) are expected to deliver safety, efficiency, environmental and comfort benefits to road users by exchanging traffic-related information between vehicles (V2V), vehicles and infrastructure (V2I) and vehicles and pedestrians (V2P). But in Europe they are in danger of being penalized by drafting procedures of the European Commission. Continue reading

Does automation make jobs boring – or enable leisure?

ericsson blog robot leisure work consumer trends

Some predict that automation will make jobs more boring. But maybe jobs already are more boring than they used to be?

After all, my parents lived to work. But I work to live. Continue reading

How can you succeed immediately with 5G?

Both consumers and industries know that 5G is relevant.  But how do we discuss and illustrate its benefits and features?  At the recent 5G World Summit in London, most of the talk centered on use cases, or even better, many different business cases.  Continue reading