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Unleashing the power of 5G in North America

In a matter of 12 months, the North American service providers have turned the globe upside down.

Even though other countries may have had a head start on early 5G deployments, the first commercial 5G deployments at scale are happening in North America. All major service providers in the U.S. and Canada, are moving aggressively to launch 5G commercially.  Continue reading

Tired of annoying and unwanted calls: Dial blockchain!

blockchain technology and how can telecom benefit

In next ten years, imagine a world where instead of having a national identity or social security number you’re given a worldwide identification number maintained via a blockchain network. A world where billions of connected devices securely communicate using blockchain-based smart contracts. A world where you no longer swipe your credit cards at physical or online stores, but rather make payment via your facial, voice or retinal identification maintained on a blockchain. Continue reading

Why compatibility and 5G interoperability are crucial for success

We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty of 5G as we move the trials from test beds to a commercial system. As part of this journey, Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, have begun 3GPP-compliant 5G New Radio (NR) multi-vendor interoperability testing on commercial platforms in Qualcomm’s San Diego lab. Continue reading

The world champions of network performance

I’m not exactly the biggest football fan on the planet, although like many Swedes I will be cheering on my country in the global soccer tournament in Russia, which kicked off on June 14. Continue reading

How can you get the full value of network slicing?

Network slicing represents a major innovation for mobile network platforms, particularly for business expansion beyond consumer mobile broadband for 4G and 5G. Until now, the “one slice fits all” model for unlimited data connectivity has been dominant. This post examines the role tailored, optimized slices of network capacity and capabilities can play in the future, especially when combined with business model innovations. Continue reading

We need three-dimensional traffic congestion solutions

When walking the dog in my neighborhood, I increasingly have to navigate around cars that are too big to fit on the driveways and protrude out onto the pavement. I asked a neighbor why he doesn’t just park his in the garage and he told me the garage is too small… Continue reading

The intelligent site and the intelligent brains behind

With new technologies and 5G on the horizon, we stand before a complexity explosion in telecommunications networks – a complexity that is out of reach for humans alone to deal with. And as the complexity increases we need strategies to handle this, and machine intelligence will be crucial.

Continue reading

3 ways that new technologies are accelerating innovation

Most innovation is directly or indirectly driven by new technology – even business model innovation and changed consumer behaviors – and the way new technology transforms our world and various markets. In this way then, an understanding of new technology and its impact is a prerequisite to be able to innovate, and to do it constantly. Continue reading

How to develop an IoT strategy that sticks

Warren C sharing ways to move up the IoT value chain with telecom service providers at MWC 2018

I remember when IoT was nothing more than a vague notion, a pie everyone was hungry for but had no idea how to slice into. While IoT is moving from concept to reality there is still plenty of confusion on how to generate value from it. How can we befriend IoT? Read on for some of the key considerations to consider and make sure you check out our new handbook series to help you get started. Continue reading

Think you know how 5G and IoT will change the world? Think again.

IoT Shannon Lucas Code conference Ericsson blog

If you look at the highest profile speakers at the latest Code Conference, there was a common theme of their spectacular success.

It was driven by mobile, specifically smartphone apps, often connected to 4G networks. Continue reading