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Building trust in autonomous vehicle safety

Societies around the world are currently facing a plague, the effect of which can be seen on our roads every day. Traffic-related deaths have climbed to 1.4 million annually, and that number could double if we don’t make real changes in the way we design cars. For the past 22 years, I have worked at Autoliv to battle this deadly trend by putting technological research into action. Continue reading

How can service providers move up the IoT value chain?

Ericsson Big Ideas Blog innovation IoT value chain

For generations, technology has transformed how we communicate, educate, entertain, consume, and conduct business. Looking to the future, IoT is set to make similarly massive and somewhat unpredictable changes to our environment.

While this strange new world is undoubtedly full of opportunities for ICT players looking to move up the IoT value chain, it also presents some new challenges. How can you avoid the pitfalls and prepare for the unexpected? Continue reading

Telecom operators in pole position as enterprises embrace IoT

Man in front of screens

With 20 billion IoT devices predicted by 2023, IoT has truly become a powerful catalyst for industry transformation. While we have witnessed impressive market developments in recent years, IoT remains as complex as ever. In a recent webinar, we sifted through some of the complexity facing telecom service providers in a bid to help them identify their roles in IoT. Continue reading

Setting the route for autonomous electric buses

Autonomous electric bus

Kista is the unassuming neighborhood north of Sweden’s capital city which Ericsson calls home. During the dark winter months, the streets are usually calm in Kista. But starting in January, something very remarkable is on the move in this otherwise conventional area. Continue reading

What you need to know about the (virtual reality) future of retail

I’ve always wondered what the future of retail would be like. Most of my thoughts involved a combination of scenes from futuristic movies and my desire to have more efficient shopping experiences. I was thrilled to find out that in the future, brands will care about more than just making money from me, but will also value a more meaningful connection.

These are just some of the findings presented by the impactful report reviewing “The Future of Immersive Branding and Retail”. Continue reading

You need to see what pro football players can do with 5G


Imagine you’re watching the big game on Sunday in virtual reality. You’re sitting there with your goggles on, watching a professional American football player soar over three defenders to make a finger-tip catch. It’s like you’re there, better than any seat in the stadium. Or maybe you are even wearing a haptic suit that lets you feel every hit and block.

Now imagine that football star is the one wearing the goggles… during the game… and still making the catch. Continue reading

Your next device will be an awareable

Awareables are not necessarily wearables. Instead, they are what I would call next generation devices that are aware of you, whether you wear them or not. How would you feel about a device that knows you better than you know the device? Continue reading

The future of AI will change your relationship with devices

Ulf Ewaldsson

Moving into 2018, the discussion around topics like artificial intelligence is moving away from the theoretical or futuristic and into the practical. Or maybe the two are moving together. You can see this clearly in the new video from Techonomy featuring Ulf Ewaldsson, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Digital Services.

Ewaldsson talks with Techonomy’s Josh Kampel about how network technologies are impacting the relationship between humans and devices, from chips implanted in human bodies to how AI can make operating mobile networks that much more efficient, as well as how these technological shifts will manifest themselves in different ways in different parts of the world.

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5G: The need to know what consumers want

There isn’t a day that goes by when I do not hear about 5G. However, most of these discussions and debates around 5G have been focused on industrial use cases and one element which is missing from these discussions is the “consumers”. The web is full of opinions, predictions and speculation that consumers just aren’t interested in 5G and there isn’t anything attractive about the 5G promise, or that consumers are tapped out completely and will not pay for it.

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What are the development challenges in autonomous vehicle technology?

Winter road

This road was part of my drive from my Christmas vacation back to Stockholm. A beautiful winter road, with lots of snow on both the trees and the road. I even had to wear sunglasses to avoid snow blindness. But just as beautiful as it is in this picture, I am certain that all of the existing autonomous platforms – no matter if we are talking about Tesla, Waymo, Uber ATM, or GM Cruise – would fail to take me safely through this trip. As good as all these systems work on a warm Californian road, it would be difficult for them to navigate a snowy Scandinavian one.

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