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Responsible sourcing

Supplier requirements related to responsible sourcing

Sustainable management of supply chains is of growing importance to our stakeholders, including customers and investors. The requirement documents below are including our current requirements on our suppliers to fulfill our wanted position in these areas.

All suppliers will pass a screening or fill in a Self-Assessment related to all below requirement documents: Code of Conduct, Environmental and OHS requirements before they are selected. This is for evaluating existing and potential new suppliers to Ericsson.

Suppliers not adhering to Ericsson’s requirements may be subject to termination of their contracts.

Ericsson Code of Conduct for Business Partners

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Business Partner Environmental Requirements

Arabic    Chinese    English    French  German    Italian    Japanese    Korean    Portuguese    Russian    Spanish   

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Supplier OHS Requirements

Arabic     Amharic    Chinese    Croatian    English    Filipino    French     German    Hindi    Italian   Indonesian    Japanese    Korean    Polish    Portuguese     Russian     Spanish    Thai    Turkish

Other requirements and general conditions