Can AI-powered services help to secure service continuity?

AI can transform a service provider’s operations, but it can also be a great leap into the unknown. AI-powered services embed global learnings for faster adoption of advanced analytics, and digitalized workplaces facilitate agile use-case collaboration. But will they make the always-on 5G network a reality? Find out below…

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Vice President, Global Portfolio Strategy, Network Services

Vice President, Global Portfolio Strategy, Network Services

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There is a lot of talk of AI today – with good reason. Deploying 5G to “serve a million needs” will require even more of service providers, and many are already experiencing the limitations of their traditional operating models. Communication service providers worldwide have high expectations of AI automation, counting on it to simplify their network operations and improve network reliability so that they can focus on delivering the optimal customer experience. 

Why then AI-powered network services? 

AI-powered network services are comparable to driving an autonomous car: you’re at the wheel, but you don’t do all the work – you just focus on the experience and safety. The power of self-driving technologies gives you the freedom to concentrate on the journey and getting to your destination, and allows you to pay complete attention to your surroundings.  

Your vehicle monitors the status of various things (some simple, such as tire pressure and engine temperature; others complex, such as the interaction of the vehicle and any surrounding obstacles and unforeseen hindrances) and takes autonomous action to correct problems otherwise unknown, or alerts you to actionable insights as the driver. 

In a similar way, today’s communication service providers want the freedom to focus on their objective of securing an always-on network. In fact, this is among their top priorities (AI for 5G networks: Highlights), which indicates clearly that the demand for network performance and stability is high.  

Not always an easy ride 

Many service providers have however experienced that the successful adoption of AI often takes time, and that easily accessible high-quality data and telecom expertise in a transparent digital form are required. 

At Ericsson, we have worked on addressing these challenges faced by the service provider, and have recently launched two new AI-powered network services as a result. These offerings empower the service provider with: 

  • an AI-powered platform embedded with telecom product expertise accelerated by global continuous learning 
  • an intelligent workspace for continuous conversations and co-creation through easy access to context-aware knowledge and information  
  • improved network quality, preemptively addressing incidents and boosting operational performance 
  • optimized user experience with 35 percent fewer critical network incidents and automatic issue resolution within minutes of data collection 
  • easy access to and adoption of new technology  

 To learn more, please join our online webinar on March 12. 


Technology enhanced by people

Enabling a knowledge-centric AI-powered network services platform

Technology enhanced by people

At Ericsson, we believe in technology enhanced by people. Because this puts us on a fast track to enabling the co-existence of humans and machines. It’s a place where humans augment the power of machines to accelerate continuous learning and in turn to derive trustworthy data, transparent knowledge and insights. Empowering service providers’ teams with AI-powered services is already bringing results. These services are enabling automatic preemptive incident resolution in minutes, and the management of network operations with network service intelligence at your fingertips. 

Peremptive operations

As a result, we have now taken the first step to helping service providers secure always-on networks.

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