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Millennials’ expectations for 5G

Millennials will most likely set the demands on future digital networks and services due to their technical knowledge and skills, as well as their high expectation levels.

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Enhancing the event experience

Data illustrates a growing use of mobile services at large events, presenting an opportunity to provide spectators with ever more engaging digital content.

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Shifting mobile data consumption and data plans

Analysis of smartphone data highlights that there is no one-size-fits-all mobile data plan – a broad range is required to address the variety of user demands on the market.

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Enabling internet for all

Leveraging existing mobile broadband infrastructure is the most cost-efficient way to bring people online.

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Network optimization through analytics

As the need for performance increases, Thai operator, dtac, is using advanced analytics to accelerate network optimization and improvements to user experience.

City view

Massive IoT coverage in the city

Simulation of a realistic large-scale IoT service scenario in a city can be used to show how many devices will be reached using new cellular technologies. 

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Remote operation of vehicles with 5G

A key step towards introducing autonomously driven public transport is the development of remote control capabilities, which will help to ensure safety. 

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Uplink speed and slow time-to-content

A limited uplink can be a critical factor in causing slow time-to-content on many popular websites, which then has a significant impact on both subscriber loyalty and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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Latest social media trend: live streaming

Browser-centric or social-centric smartphone users find live streaming interesting and intend to use it going forwards, which is set to put new demands on network performance.

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IoT - enabling digital business transformation

IoT presents new opportunities for mobile operators to leverage their core assets and move up the value chain. Telia Company and Telenor Connexion are examples of operators that are already adding IoT value beyond connectivity:

Digital transformation and the connected car

Analyzing IoT device performance

Massive IoT in the city

IoT forecast