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Power Modules

The BMR458 represents the cutting edge of technology for advanced bus converters and comes with a host of features. These include the highest power delivery (650W) in the industry for a quarter-brick advanced bus converter, thereby reducing the number of required modules in very high power applications; and highly accurate current sharing, as well as it being the only advanced bus converter available today to offer active- or droop-current sharing. Other key features including dynamic load compensation, snapshot parameter capture, and a PMBus v1.3 interface.

Key electrical characteristics of the module include class-leading high efficiency of up to 96.6% at half load and 96.3% at full load; maximum current output of 54.2A; tightly regulated 12V output (+/–2mV, typical) across the 40 to 60V input voltage range; output current monitoring of +/-1A to enable highly accurate system monitoring capability; and a fast transient recovery time of only 1ms. Further specifications include: an MTBF of 8.2 million hours; and I/O functional isolation of 2250Vdc, which meets the latest IEC/EN/UL60905 safety standard.

Latest technology

We use the latest technology and highest standards of quality and robustness for achieving the highest system performance.

The products are primarily designed for advanced information and communications equipment, such as radio base stations and switches/routers, but they are also used in a wide range of medical, avionics, computing, military and industrial applications.

We offer more than 500 board-mounted products for a wide variety of applications. They can be divided into:

  • DC/DC converters
  • Intermediate bus converters (IBC)
  • POL regulators
  • Power Interface Modules (PIM)
  • Board Power Management (BPM) supporting products

Every product design is the result of extensive research and development in power technology, broad application and system knowledge with a focus on design for environment and design for manufacturing, as well as efficient logistics and global support. The result is:

  • Low failure rate and long lifetime
  • Excellent dynamic load performance
  • High efficiency over a wide load range
  • Efficient thermal management

Design for Environment (DfE)

Since year 2000 we have applied a design for environment (DfE) policy in all product development projects, including removal of hazardous substances according to the RoHS directive and a continuous development of designs and solutions for lower power consumption and lowest possible total cost of ownership for the end-user. Read more


DC/DC Regulators - Point of Load

We offer a wide range of board-mounted, point-of-load (POL) regulator products that are based on industry-standard  formats and specifications.

DC/DC Converters and IBC

We offer a wide range of board-mounted DC/DC converters and intermediate bus converters based on industry-standard formats and   specifications.

Power Interface Modules

We offer a range of board-mounted Power Interface Modules based on industry-standard formats and specifications. A Power Interface Module (PIM) integrates functions and features required to secure ...

Board Power Management

We offer support in BPM to address choice of configuration, communication and/or control outside of one or more board mounted DC/DC converters or POL regulators.

Power Modules Discontinued Products

We are constantly working to provide the best possible products to support customers’ needs. Consequently some product lines are no longer available.


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