Ericsson Cloud Core

Ericsson Cloud Core is where ultra-connectivity translates into service differentiation, business flexibility and making differences in our lives. It establishes reliable connectivity, determines the quality of service and enforces it through policy, creates value through visibility and control of traffic and applications. In short, it’s the ‘business end’ of mobile broadband and IoT networks. Mitigate your risks, plan for a smooth introduction of 5G Core and deploy leading Network Slicing and Cloud-native core network solutions - all of which are validated by leading operators worldwide.

Cloud Core Portfolio

Ericsson Cloud Core is a complete, adaptable and scalable portfolio. It consists of our Cloud Packet Core and Cloud Unified Data Management and Policy products and solutions, which currently serve more than 300 operators globally. The Cloud Core portfolio is also enhanced with 5G software functionality, allowing for commercial network launches in 2018.

Broad Ecosystem

The digitalization of industries is set to help increase the number of connected devices and their applications, while the integration challenges will rise at a rate previously unseen in the telecom world. We work very closely with the device/chipset industry to streamline the introduction of new technologies. With a tightly coupled ecosystem and a global presence, Ericsson has a unique insight into forthcoming developments. We work to meet continuous industry challenges and provide industrialized core network solutions.

CI/CD and Automated Acceptance Testing

Our Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), including also Continuous Deployment, provides service providers with constantly updated, value-adding functionality. Together with Ericsson Automated Acceptance Tests, it ensures that the core network is always using the latest and greatest software, supporting OPEX savings of 50 percent.

Always at the Forefront

Ericsson Cloud Core empowers you to be a truly digital business transformation partner. We have been at the forefront of the four previous generations of mobile networks and aim to add the valuable insight, experience and perspective of a truly end-to-end vendor. Our portfolio assures a smooth evolution when you start migrating to the new 5G Core..


Cloud Packet Core

vEPC - virtual Evolved Packet Core deployments on the path to 5G Core

Building on market leading virtual Evolved Packet Core (EPC) applications, we are dedicated to supporting our customers on a smooth evolution from EPC to dual mode core operations, 5G EPC and 5GC. ...

IP Edge

The IP Edge comprises the systems and functions that deliver a high QoE for the services that end-users demand. These systems are placed between the metro and the core or more precisely at the ...

Cloud Unified Data Management and Policy

Cloud UDM and Policy product introduciton_big media

The Ericsson Cloud Unified Data Management (UDM) and Policy portfolio offer solutions for Subscriber Data Management (SDM) and Policy Management towards telecommunication's operators and towards ...

Service Enablement

Service Enablement

The rapid progress and innovation in digital services is improving our lives and our industries - every day, mobile operators are uniquely positioned ...