Ericsson Revenue Manager

Get a cloud-ready convergent charging and billing system that redefines the role of BSS

  • Simplify digital services creation
  • Make innovation fast and efficient
  • Integrate partners from any industry
  • Provide in-context offers in real-time

Perfect your charging and billing

The Revenue Manager Billing GUI lets you easily track and monitor all your key KPIs. 

Part of our Digital BSS suite, Ericsson Revenue Manager helps you introduce new services in minutes instead of months.

Analytics driven, real-time service control supports dynamic interaction with on-demand service and offer recommendations. Simple configuration reduces dependency on technical departments, driving digital business evolution.

  • Catalog-driven. Create new tariffs and services with reusable, configurable, automated offer orchestration.
  • Unlimited business logic flexibility. Support any chargeable service or business agreement through run-time configuration.
  • Analytics-driven charging and policy. Provide proactive offer recommendations and on-demand service delivery based on a subscriber’s real-time experience.
  • Omnichannel interactions. Provide a seamless, real-time, contextual customer experience through any channel.

Your revenue management partner worldwide

With more than 200 charging and billing customers worldwide, Ericsson is your end-to-end BSS partner. With two billion subscribers supported by our world-class BSS offerings, we are helping servcie providers address new opportunities that demand the ability to send the right offer at the right moment.

Consider Ericsson Revenue Manager if you want to:

  • Speed time-to-market. Flexible configurability drives innovative telco and non-telco services to market quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Improve the customer experience. Provide in-context offers in real time, through the right channels, and charge for them immediately.
  • Capture new opportunities. Become part of the service delivery chain, not a cost center.
  • Set a new TCO benchmark. Reduce costs with scaling on demand and upgrading in minutes.

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"Ericsson Revenue Manager is an example of a solution that provides scalable business support software designed from the outset for convergent monetization and geared to the service delivery and customer experience processes."

Karl Whitelock, Director Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics & Monetization (ODAM) Global Competitive Strategies at Stratecast