Support Services

The ultimate goal of network operations is to ensure high performing networks that deliver high quality end-user experience.

Ericsson Support Services combine technology leadership with a unique mix of global and local expertise to enable operators to meet their business objectives. We help you take advantage of Ericsson’s global support insights and innovations, transform network operations and be proactive.

Our enhanced support offerings include predictive analytics to prevent imminent network issues, speedy network-level fault isolation and hardware services throughout the lifecycle of our products. Our goal is to help our customers get close to Zero-defect networks.

support services

Key benefits

  • Increased network stability
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Agility to handle an ever-changing network


Secure Support

Leading operators strive for effective and new capabilities to handle increasing network complexity.  Secure Support Service is the foundation of the Ericsson support offering and ...

Assure Support

Introducing new nodes into a network always comes with a risk of negative effects on the overall network performance. Even more so if the operator's maintenance staff is not familiar with the new ...

Extend Support

Operators occasionally need to defer product upgrade investments and prolong the commercial use of products.

Extend Support Service enable our customers to formalize a path for continued ...

Preemptive Services

Ericsson Preemptive Services provide precise incident prediction and prevention with proven high value to customers globally. Powered by our domain expertise and machine learning models, we ...