Mediaroom is now part of Ericsson

    Mediaroom is now part of Ericsson

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    Ericsson Mediaroom is the world's most innovative and deployed IPTV platform. Mediaroom-powered TV services are offered by nearly 60 global operators in 23 countries, delivering services to nearly 13 million household subscribers with approximately 24 million set-top boxes. As the leader in first-to-scale features such as wireless receivers, multi-room DVR, instant channel change, and many others, Mediaroom is the choice for operators including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom AG, Portugal Telecom, TELUS and Swisscom AG, among others.

    Driving innovation

    Mediaroom continues to build upon its industry-leading IPTV position and market share of more than 20 percent to enhance Ericsson’s innovative, integrated, and robust TV and video solution for TV service providers. Ericsson invests in consumer research and is working with the most advanced TV service providers to anticipate the future and deliver innovations that help realize the greatest advantage, and most amazing consumer experience in a highly dynamic environment that demands true agility in any solution and services offering.

    Delivering experience

    Ericsson is committed to delivering the future of TV. For consumers this means greater personalization and seamless content across all devices. For operators, this means big data insight on consumer preferences, and constant innovation in everything from hardware to software, from business models to user experiences. We are focused on providing an easy, seamless and immersive experience that delights consumers. To deliver this, we work closely with TV service providers to help drive the next generation of breakthrough and highly personalized TV experiences.

    The power of the cloud

    Cloud-based TV Anywhere is a critical element in Ericsson’s strategy for Mediaroom. It enables fast innovation and implementation so that our customers can win in this highly competitive marketplace and monetize a wider array of services. The cloud also helps operators deliver a consistent premium entertainment experience across multiple screens and networks and enables new operational models such like "as a service".

    The impact of TV and video around the world is growing exponentially. The future is exciting, and Ericsson’s TV portfolio including Mediaroom is uniquely enabling content owners, TV service providers and operators to innovate and drive success in their businesses, technologies, and consumers towards a truly compelling TV Anywhere, multi-screen experience. Delivered to every device, over any network with the greatest video efficiency and quality.

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    Mediaroom is available worldwide from more than 50 of the world's leading operators