Network Roll-Out

Ericsson provides operators with the most efficient ways of deploying Mobile Broadband, Packet Transport and Transmission networks, while ensuring a seamless and predictable user experience. Our service offerings are built on our commitment to the customer’s success. Our capabilities in project management, site engineering, civil work, installation, product configuration and integration cover end-to-end deployments from site acquisition to customer acceptance.

Ericsson Network Roll-Out Services are essential for the fast and efficient deployment of new technologies in mobile networks. With the introduction of 5G, legacy networks require modernization, densification and upgrades. Mobile Broadband traffic increase also demands a transformation of existing backhaul and transport networks.


RAN Evolution Roll-Out

Transforming today’s networks to 5G is crucial to match the growing demands of the connected society. New business cases and capabilities require networks to support diverse applications ...

RAN Modernization and Swap

The growth and popularity of smartphones and the shift towards video streaming is resulting in an ever-growing demand for mobile data. This along with new IoT use-cases are driving the need for ...

RAN Build

Continuous growth in mobile subscriptions and traffic requires networks to evolve to meet the capacity, coverage, speed and seamless experience demanded by subscribers. Tomorrow’s networks ...

RAN Expansion

Rapid increases in mobile broadband subscriptions and traffic demand per user require corresponding increases in site capacity and performance of existing RAN networks. RAN Expansion services add ...

Packet Transport Build and Expansion

The surge in mobile broadband traffic requires transport networks to meet new demands in terms of capacity, flexibility and coverage. New build and expansion of the transmission technologies ...

Packet Transport Modernization and Swap

Increase the number of subscribers and new use-cases in mobile networks is placing more traffic demand on backhaul networks. These technologies in combination with new streaming applications ...

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Ericsson Network Roll-Out In a Nutshell