Evolved Packet Core

    Our widely deployed Evolved Packet Core solutions provide the capacity, functionality and superior performance needed for next-generation broadband.

    Cost effective

    A cost-effective and reliable Evolved Packet Core solution is key not only to delivering services with the quality users expect, but also to providing the ease-of-use and transparent charging that drives uptake.

    All of our Evolved Packet Core solutions are designed to provide reliability and scalability, giving operators the flexibility needed to meet growing demand for mobile broadband services and expand into new markets.

    The complete Evolved Packet Core portfolio provides a solid foundation for delivering mobile data services with telecom quality. The solutions are not only optimized to handle the dramatic uptake of mobile broadband but to secure a smooth evolution to all-IP networks.

    A key component is the Aware Networking feature, which makes it possible to secure the quality of premium services and charge for them in a flexible way. Virtually all types of traffic can be identified by means of advanced deep-packet inspection and heuristic analysis (similar to pattern recognition).

    Offering summary

    The Evolved Packet Core offering includes: 

    • Evolved Packet Core nodes supporting multiple access technologies and interworking with legacy 3GPP and 3GPP2 networks
    • Complete virtual Evolved Packet Core portfolio including component, solution and pre-bundle solution offerings
    • Service-Aware Charging and Control – a traffic-inspection solution with functionality for the efficient management of network resources and flexible charging based on volume, content and events
    • Network Integrated Wi-Fi - a solution enabling both trusted Wi-Fi as well as untrusted Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Calling)
    • Evolved IP Network - a field-proven IP-infrastructure solution based on a verified design that supports Ericsson RAN, IP transport and IP Core network infrastructure

    Deploy with confidence

    Ericsson is actively contributing to standardization work in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), particularly for the specification of the Evolved Packet Core – a flat IP-based network architecture that simplifies network operation, reduces latency and improves scalability.

    More than 300 operators in 140 countries rely on Ericsson's Packet Core solutions to generate revenue from new and compelling multimedia services.

    The Evolved IP Network solution ensures data traffic is carried in a reliable and predictable way between the Packet Core nodes. Complemented by the Service Aware Charging and Control solution, sufficient bandwidth is allocated to premium services and charged for according to different parameters. This ensures the requirements of different services, as well as the expectations of subscribers are fulfilled, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty and the possibility to attract new users.


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