Ericsson Radio System

    According to Ericsson Mobility Report, ever increasing consumer expectations on performance and the introduction of new services like Internet of Things (IoT), challenges mobile operators to deliver consistent high-performance app coverage to satisfy consumers and business customers. To allow operators to capitalize on these exciting opportunities, Ericsson has introduced the Ericsson Radio System, an end-to-end radio modular and scalable network portfolio of hardware and software that has been designed to fit all site types and traffic scenarios as networks grow in scale and complexity on the road to 5G.

    Ericsson Radio System is an innovative, modular system that enables mobile operators to address growth opportunities and transform their radio networks by leveraging a multi-standard, multi-band and multi-layer architecture (3xMulti), delivering industry-leading performance on the smallest site footprint with the lowest energy consumption. Ericsson Radio System has been designed to accommodate the mobile data traffic increases expected by 2020 at the same – or lower – energy consumption levels of today.

    Ericsson Radio System consists of hardware and software for radio, baseband, power, enclosure, antenna and site solutions, the industry-leading MINI-LINK portfolio for microwave transmission and a fully integrated IP Router portfolio, all managed by a common management system. With Ericsson Radio System, operators can reap the benefits of growing mobile broadband demand from consumers, businesses and the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud RAN to further extend their business as they evolve to 5G.

    The industry’s most compact radios – 50% smaller and lighter than previous generations – enable more compact, higher density and cost-efficient site designs. Reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership by 20% can be obtained through innovations such as a quick one-bolt installation process combined with the smaller size, weight, wind load and a high energy efficiency. With its fast and flexible deployment capability, site acquisition challenges are solved, time-to-revenue is minimized and operating expenses are kept under control.

    Ericsson Radio System also includes the industry’s most powerful baseband – twice the capacity compared to previous products – enabling operators to build distributed and centralized baseband configurations supporting high-capacity 3xMulti architectures. It is the industries first full Mixed mode baseband supporting GSM, WCDMA, LTE and Massive IoT simultanously on one board. Ericsson’s Many-Core Architecture, at the heart of the new baseband, supports massive multi-core processing with ten times the energy efficiency of commercial, off-the-shelf processors. Multi-standard operation is supported, including carrier aggregation of combined LTE TDD and FDD operation.

    Going hand in hand with this paradigm shift, is the Ericsson Radio System Software which brings together LTE FDD & TDD, WCDMA and GSM into a unified architecture. With this, operators can better manage the complexities of the network with one O&M system for all standards.

    Over the past year the Ericsson Radio System has been awarded a number of prestigous prices. It has been the Red Dot Award for both the Ericsson Radio System macro series and Ericsson Radio System micro series. Ericsson Radio System was recognized by the GSMA with the Global Mobile Award for best mobile infrastructure.

    One Network for a million Needs

    Ericsson Networks

    In the networked society success for operators builds on a flexible and efficient infrastructure that enables millions of different use cases.

    Operators that build such networks will reap the rewards in the future. Their networks will help them to build offerings towards new value chains, support millions of different services and devices and work perfectly where ever people want to connect.

    Ericsson Networks

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