Ericsson Radio System

  • Complete platform to build the highest-performing Radio Access Network (RAN)
  • Optimal modularity to ensure lowest total cost of ownership
  • Designed for future-proof and sustainable networks

Ericsson Radio System is an end-to-end modular and scalable radio access network consisting of hardware, software, and services. Its portfolio includes products in the areas of radio, baseband, site solutions, MINI-LINK for microwave transmission, a fully-integrated IP router portfolio, and fronthaul solutions – all managed by a common management system. Ericsson Radio system is designed to fit all site types and traffic scenarios, even as as networks grow in scale and complexity, from 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G – delivering industry-leading performance on the smallest site footprint with the lowest energy consumption.



  • Highest performance for best end-user experience
  • Modular radio design for quick and easy installation
  • State-of-the art radios to meet the needs of the ...


Ericsson took the world’s best baseband and made it better. Customer experience in live networks around the world demonstrates Ericsson technology leadership with the best performing ...

Mobile Transport

Key benefits

  • Complete 5G ready portfolio supporting all 5G deployment scenarios
  • Fully integrated with Ericsson Radio System and managed by Ericsson Network ...

Radio Site System

Site products, solar powered, site solutions, antenna

Networks are evolving and the demands on radio sites are constantly increasing. The introduction of new technologies and frequency bands require additional equipment and site visits; At the same ...

Radio System Software

Our philosophy is to enable evolution to 5G through manageable steps, based on well-designed components of multiple technologies, in a way that matches business and technology ...

Radio System Solutions

Ericsson's Radio System portfolio offers many strong and attractive solutions that benefit all radio access technologies. Radio System Solutions bring together tailor-made parts from the RAN ...