Market leading capacity

  • Switch and link capacity, 1G -10G interfaces

All building practices

  • Indoor, outdoor and split

All frequencies

  • 6-80 GHz

Microwave Networks are built on the market leading MINI-LINK - a powerful and cost-efficient microwave node - fulfilling the requirements of mobile broadband evolution. It offers market leading capacity both for the link as well as the switch. MINI-LINK is flexible supporting any frequency, any site type, switching & routing and any type of sync. The installed base can be evolved in a cost-efficient way.


Split Mount Shorthaul

Microwave indoor units for split configurations ranging from compact nodes for cell sites to high density node for aggregation sites and all indoor units for trunk applications.

All Outdoor Shorthaul

MINI-LINK is Ericsson's Microwave & Packet Aggregation offerings provide lowest cost of ownership whether for new mobile network rollouts, evolution of mobile networks, or fixed broadband over ...

Microwave Fronthaul Units

The connection between the radio and the baseband is referred to as fronthaul, connected through a CPRI interface. Microwave Fronthaul is a great complement to fiber.

Aggregation Units

In microwave networks, advanced ethernet switches will be needed to address several network scenarios. Compactness and modular building practice, advanced packet functionality and features that ...

Antennas and Site Material

To facilitate installations and guarantee fast and cost-efficient rollout of typical configurations, different standardized site solutions are available within PL Microwave