Microwave Networks are built on the market leading MINI-LINK - a powerful and cost-efficient microwave node fulfilling the requirements of mobile broadband evolution. It offers market leading capacity both for the link as well as the switch. MINI-LINK is flexible supporting any frequency, any site type, switching & routing, and any type of sync. The installed base can be evolved in a cost-efficient way.

Key benefits

  • Market leading switch and link capacity, 1G -10G interfaces
  • All building practices: indoor, outdoor and split
  • All frequencies, from 6 to 80 GHz


Split Mount Shorthaul

Split Mount Shorthaul includes the best in class radio link units and the highest switching and node capacity. It comprises an indoor part and connected outdoor units.

The available offering ...

All Outdoor Shorthaul

MINI-LINK all outdoor shorthaul includes only outdoor products that can be installed stand-alone or together with a MINI-LINK Split mount nodes, an Ericsson Router 6000, a 3PP router or directly ...

Long Haul

MINI-LINK LH is the Trunk product in the market leading MINI-LINK product family in 4-13 GHz bands. MINI-LINK LH contains an integrated high capacity Ethernet switch and provides Native Ethernet ...