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The expected growth in mobile broadband will impact on the transport network capacity and support for various flavors of radio access network. A combination of microwave and fiber based transport is needed for mobile networks on the road to 5G. Ericsson offers the right solution to achieve this combination: MINI-LINK, Router 6000 and Fronthaul 6080 . These products are fully integrated into the Ericsson Radio System and managed, end-to-end, by Ericsson Network Manager.

Microwave Networks are built on the market leading MINI-LINK  which is a powerful and cost-efficient network node fulfilling the requirements of the mobile broadband evolution. It offers market leading capacity both for link as well as switch capacity. MINI-LINK is flexible supporting any frequency, any site type, switching & routing and any type of sync. The installed base can be evolved in a cost efficient way.

Router Networks offer nodes with market leading capacity with 2 to 4 times higher capacity than competition and has 1G/10G/100G/WDM interfaces. It also offers market leading buffer size which is 500 times larger than competition. Router 6000 is designed for 5G with lowest latency for cell site routers, high performing sync solutions and embedded IP Sec.

Optical Transport is built on the Fronthaul 6080 family and offers flexible building practice supporting indoor and outdoor including rail mount. Both active and passive optical solutions are available and can be complemented with a wireless microwave connection (Fronthaul 6392).



Market leading capacity

  • Switch and link capacity, 1G -10G interfaces

All building practices


Designed for 5G

  • Optimized for 10/100G connectivity
  • High-throughput, low-latency and best-in-class buffering
  • Hardware accelerated IPSec and ...


Flexible topologies

  • Highest flexibility to build C-RAN, supports all topologies and uses active/passive fiber WDM transmission

Flexible building ...

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