Ericsson Mobile Transport

Growth in mobile broadband will definitely impact transport network capacity and support towards different types of Radio Access Networks (RAN). A combination of microwave and fiber based transport is needed for mobile networks gearing up for 5G. Ericsson offers the right solution like MINI-LINK, Router 6000 and Fronthaul 6000 to achieve success on the 5G front. Additional to this, this offering is strengthen with best-in-class partners .

Juniper will provide solutions for edge and core transport, security and the new partner ECI provides optical transport solutions for metro. These products are fully integrated into the Ericsson Radio System and managed, end-to-end, by the Ericsson Network Manager (ENM).

Key benefits

  • Complete 5G ready portfolio supporting all 5G deployment scenarios
  • Fully integrated with Ericsson Radio System and managed by Ericsson Network Manager
  • Market leading capacity, latency, and interface density



Microwave Networks are built on the market leading MINI-LINK - a powerful and cost-efficient microwave node fulfilling the requirements of mobile broadband evolution. It offers market leading ...


Designed for 5G

  • Optimized for 10/100G connectivity
  • High-throughput, low-latency and best-in-class buffering
  • Hardware accelerated IPSec and ...


Ericsson Fronthaul 6000 builds centralized RAN architectures in dense urban areas where both capacity and equipment footprint are critical. Fronthaul 6000 is a flexible and cost-efficient, ...