Ericsson Radio Site System

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Networks are evolving and the demands on radio sites are constantly increasing. The introduction of new technologies and frequency bands require additional equipment and site visits; at the same time, there is pressure for reduced foot-print and tougher requirements for site acquisition in an already crowded landscape.

Every site is unique. Flexible, cost-efficient solutions with ease of deployment and maintenance are a must.

Ericsson Radio Site System, the solid foundation for Ericsson Radio System, makes seamless and easy network evolution a reality from the ground-up. It contains everything that is needed to effectively design, deploy, install and manage a radio site, such as antennas, enclosures, power, site controllers, installation material and tools.

As part of this collection, Ericsson also offers unique site solutions that are developed together with its partners. For instance, together with Philips, Ericsson has developed LED-based street lighting solutions with inbuilt radio equipment that simplify the construction of high capacity networks in city environments in a non-obstructive and energy-efficient way. Another example comes from a collaboration with JCDecaux where street furniture is reused, like for instance bus stops, to integrate small cell solutions.

Complete radio site solutions for seamless network evolution

Ericsson offers site material for the construction of cost-effective radio sites; a cornerstone for profitable network operation. By developing site solutions side-by-side with the other building blocks in the Ericsson Radio System, high quality is ensured with the shortest possible installation time. This not only helps operators to carefully maintain their high-quality infrastructure for today’s network needs, it also takes future expansion and growth scenarios into account.

This future-proof approach translates into considerable CAPEX savings. Investments can be reused, while Ericsson’s commitment to telecom-grade reliability simultaneously reduces OPEX. All products are carefully selected to guarantee years of robust operation. Customized products and solutions can be created to solve any complicated installation challenge.

Ericsson Radio Site System products ensure:

• Faster time-to-market: Rapid installation and integration, with verified solutions
• Ericsson Radio System design: Interworking of all components, reducing the need for testing and cutting time to revenue
• Reliability: To secure years of high-quality performance

Tested and approved antennas from the world’s leading antenna suppliers are a central part of the Ericsson Radio Site System portfolio. By purchasing antennas through Ericsson, operators get many extras like performance control, vendor governance, optimized logistic processes and product lifecycle management. Operators do not always realize the high costs that they have when they perform these activities in-house. For an operator, significant savings can be realized by purchasing antenna systems, including all services, via Ericsson.

Our extensive experience and broad expertise in site design, optimization, deployment and integration translate into significant savings, faster in-service time, reliable operation, higher revenue and more profit for the operator.

Offering summary

The emphasis is on reliable, telecom-grade infrastructure that is fully tested, verified and documented to work with all Radio System nodes. All products utilize a standardized, uniform design and have been optimized for cost-effective operation. Customized products and solutions are offered on request.

This combination ensures:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Simplified installation and integration
  • Interworking of all components, reducing testing time and cutting time to revenue
  • Reliable, high-quality in-service performance
  • Easy upgrade to support new functionality and migration to new technologies
  • Easy expansion to accommodate new capacity and/or technologies.

By utilizing our regional and global supply options you can further minimize costs and lead times.


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