Radio System Software

Ericsson Radio System Software

Our philosophy is to enable evolution to 5G through manageable steps, based on well-designed components of multiple technologies, in a way that matches business and technology realities.

Your choice of technologies must support business needs, and not vice versa. Current technologies include Massive MIMO, Cellular IoT, Gigabit LTE, Machine Learning, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, Licensed Assisted Access, 5G Plug-Ins and others, everything from small cells to mega-city deployments of C-RAN.

RAN Software is part of Ericsson Radio System. It enables flexibility and performance to accommodate your network and business realities, taking the best of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies.

Key benefits

  • Flexible: a modular architecture balances investment and performance
  • Scalable: a platform that expands and provides a stepwise performance boost, according to market needs
  • Secure: network evolution in small steps, with risk-free investment for your business growth


5G Plug-Ins

Key benefits

  • Enabling 5G technology for today’s networks
  • Massive MIMO for increased capacity and coverage
  • Low latency for delay-sensitive ...

LTE Radio Access Network

Ericsson LTE RAN continues to bring a great experience for mobile broadband. The evolution of LTE is still relentless. Several milestones now increase capacity and speed by ten times since the ...

Massive IoT Radio Access Network

Cat-M, EC-GSM and NB-IoT are the 3GPP IoT solutions for operation in licensed spectrum first included in release 13. They are all capable of supporting the first wave of IoT use cases requiring ...

WCDMA Radio Access Network

Through Ericsson’s WCDMA Radio Access Network operators can provide a seamless experience as they introduce LTE or continue the LTE expansion. Operators also have the tools to ...

GSM Radio Access Network

GSM offers unique advantages in terms of coverage, subscribers, operational cost, device cost, roaming and M2M application support.

Thin Layer GSM is Ericsson's approach to optimizing ...

Radio System Solutions

Ericsson's Radio System portfolio offers many strong and attractive solutions that benefit all radio access technologies. Radio System Solutions bring together tailor-made parts from the RAN ...