RAN Compute

Today’s Radio Access Network software is running on radio and baseband hardware platforms. To facilitate the growing diversity of use cases with the best possible network quality, the RAN processing platform of the future needs to support a greater deployment flexibility than regular baseband equipment can offer. 

For instance: availability, cost, and quality of transport connections will have a large influence on what the best processing architecture is for an operator. All this requires more flexibility in the RAN. For this, Ericsson introduces the new concept of “RAN Compute” in Ericsson Radio System. Ericsson’s RAN Compute portfolio will consist of today’s and future Basebands, new Radio Processors, and other future products. This complete market-leading portfolio will flexibly handle the compute functionality in RAN networks going forward.


Radio Processor

Ericsson’s Radio Processor products are optimized for installations very close to the Radios on a site. This enables a fast roll out, with the smallest possible footprint and a low power ...


Ericsson’s Baseband products are the first in the world supporting deca (10) mode; GSM, WCDMA, LTE FDD, LTE TDD, LTE LAA, LTE M1, Massive MIMO, 5G NR, EC GSM, and NB IoT, in a single ...