Ericsson WCDMA Flow of Users

    The Ericsson WCDMA Flow of Users solution takes an innovative approach in providing increased network performance and enhanced user experience, both in high and low load.

    The WCDMA Flow of Users is introduced in a network by using a recommended set of Ericsson features, RAB and network parameter settings.

    The solution is unique since it enhances each consumer’s experience as well as increases the number of consumers that can enjoy this enhanced experience. Another important aspect of Ericsson WCDMA Flow of Users is that it secures the improved performance irrespective of network load. Additionally, it provides stable application coverage which reduces the dropped call rate in the network. The solution also ensures that voice is always prioritized.

    This is achieved by serving connected users as efficiently as possible and minimizing their time in the active state. This means that smartphones will be connected less time in the active state, thereby consuming fewer resources and thus make room for other users in the active state. 

    Key Benefits

    • Lowest dropped call rate
    • 2X higher user throughput
    • 50% increased network performance

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